Done and Done

A broad smile crept over Harlequins face as he listened. He began to chuckle, and then he began to laugh outright.

"Done and done my fine beauty." He snapped his fingers and the world froze. All that was except Varan and Harlequin. Motes of silver dust hung in the air all around them, some effect of the magic that made the world glimmer and sparkle.

"Pretty isn't it." He mused. "So to business."

He held out his hand and a small Crystal vial appeared in his palm.

"I give you a day and a night. Drink this before you sleep and until sundown the following day you will be immortal, then when the sun goes down and the divine power leaches from your body and back into the world you will become irrisitable until the new dawn. Destruction and lust in a cage of glass, truly it will be a day to remember."

He threw the vial to the elf then and gave her a low bow.

"It is a pitty that you did not ask me to remove those marvellous shards of silver that are nestled in your flesh.... I suspect you have around a month and then..."

He snapped fingers and he vanished as time and motion cane flooding back.

"Where the hell did he go?" Balar snarled. His eyes were on Varan and they were not friendly.

OOC: none of you otherd heard any of that exchange so I expect no meta gaming ;)

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