Shhh. It's a secret

Olin tsk. “I was bound long before my fateful encounter with my Empress and I am only invested as much as she is.” He told to overly colorfull demented clown.

"I have girl for sex!" He gestured enthusiastically at Luna.

Olin smothered a suprised laugh. “I think >muffled giggle< you have an admirer.” He noted trying to keep a semblance of composure.

Harlequin looked to Varan then who had remained silent until now, "What of you Ice Elf, is their aught you would barter for your services? I do prefer my business to be conducted in more of a contractual nature, and I never see hard work go unrewarded. What say you? If you are up the the journey you may as well be in for the reward?"

The half elf considered Harlequin’s offer. “The wolves fought the Ice Giants,” Varan replied, before jerking a thumb towards herself. “I fight Ice Giants, the hulking sacks of ash ate my kith. So on one hand, fighting the wolves when they’re the enemy of my enemy seems mad. On the other hand, the dark elf seems to despise you, and as she set both a plague and an assassin on me, that kind of makes you the enemy of my enemy. And you you did called me beautiful. So...”

“Oh come now girl you have to make the man WORK for it.” Olin said on his elbows to the Ice elf. “Raise those expectations. You’re worth it.” He winked. Such a pretty face didn’t not deserve to be swindled by the badly dress Gaul.

Varan could have been smote there and then where she stood, having lost track of her thought train. Her skin tingled and she tried to remember how to form basic words - what was it about that human that had that tantalizing effect? It came to her what she’d like in recompense. Shifting her eyes left to consider her options, then shifting them back to the man on his elbows for a long moment, she let out an ice breath. “It’s not for all to hear.” Her bare feet padded over the ice to Harlequin, and cupping her hand near his ear, whispered her hearts desires for battling the wolves. She eyed Olin, Luna and the other dark elf which materialized out of nothingness until she finished. “If we have a deal?” She asked, stepping back.

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