"Of course, how rude of me." he gave a bow, "We have not met, I am Harlequin son of Loki and your new friends Balar and Luna, well they work for me. As did the the dearly departed Tiella."

“ I do not work for you. I made no deal with you remember or need I ask shadow to remind you.” Luna growled. At the mention of his name shadow appeared beside her “ yes mistress” he said. Luna glared at him thow it was not his fault she had forgotten that simply saying his name would call him. “ so much for not using magic” she muttered. She turned her attention to Olin but avoided eye contact with him. “ Yes Olin he is crazy” Luna confirmed.

He shared a look with them both, "Do not be put of by the old warrior and the elf child. The poor man has just lost his wife and is not thinking straight and as to little loopy Luna, well she clearly is not the compass by which you should sail the seas of fate. Grasp this opportunity for it will not come again."

“ watch it nightmare, “ she hissed. The shadows seaming to swirl and dance around her reacting to her agitated emotional state. She quietly caught it she took several deep breaths and the magic disappeared. “ I’ll worn you tow not a deal with him could cost your life” Luna said.

"Wait, wolf? Wolf coming here?"

“ no we will likely have to go to the wolf but first we need to visit Oden” Luna said.

"Yes wolves are chasing my friends here and I will give you what ever you want if you will protect them. What do you say?

“ I’m not so convinced Fenrir is with the rest of the pack” Luna said.

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