Mere Inconvenience

Kespin didn’t appear to put off by the reveal of Harlequin, instead treating him as a nuisance.
“Mad God or Traveling Fool, it would appear your status in his world is in question.”
The orb began its assault on the jar anew, vigorously trying to escape.
“Calm yourself wisp! Perhaps it does indeed take a god to handle you. For now however, you have me.”
Smacking the jar, the orb settled to the bottom and remained.
At the mention of Odin, Kespin felt another pain in his head. This was joined by a brief flash from the orb before the moment passed.
Another curious memory that would trouble his studies.
“To grace the All Father is an honor for sure, why I remember.....I remember once I bathed in a field of grain. The farmers claimed it a curse, but they didn’t chase me off.”
His ramblings returned as he took to his journal again.

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