Dim is pretty content

"Yes wolves are chasing my friends here and I will give you what ever you want if you will protect them. What do you say?"

Dim seemed to think over this sudden and exciting offer. He looked around, and even put an axe away to count on his fingers. About twice as long as it took for the situation to become awkward, he did not reply. Then he looked at Harlequin and laughed. "Harley funny!" He threw his head back and laughed even louder.

"I have axes!" He waved the axe he was still holding into the air.

"I have fire!" He pointed at the crackling campfire at his feet.

"I have girl for sex!" He gestured enthusiastically at Luna.

"I have food!" He reached into his coat and pulled out the mostly cooked hindquarters of the rabbit he'd caught.

He looked amused and shrugged. "Dim nothing left to want! I kill wolves. I have axes!" He put the half rabbit away, pulled his remaining axe back out and swung them both over his head, roaring with laughter.

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