Magic, Magic, everywhere

“So… I’m now uncursed?” Varan wondered after sitting for near an hour without a chance to react. That was pretty simple as snowfall. She wasn’t sure she felt uncursed. A lot of the burning stopped, but she was also an ice elf… well, a half elf, who drew her strength from the cold, and it was still icy. Varan rolled her shoulders and felt the shards of metal which pierced her back shift beneath the skin. She thought it best not to mention that to Luna, lest Varan get stuck sitting there for yet another hour.
“This entire mess is my fault and there’s not much I can do to fix it” Luna said to the pretty woman named Cali, and Varan agreed, Luna wasn’t wrong. The entire mess was the full elves fault.

Olin blinked as he worked his brain back into place but hey they were all alive … for the moment. It had been alot of effort to pull it off. Honest he could pass right out on the spot! Though he hardly though it becoming to take such action at the moment.

She didn’t have much time to dwell on it though, because the shadow elf was now calling someone else a name and threatening them, which pleased the ice elf… half elf - greatly to see, and adding to it, it looked like there might be another fight! “Daggers!” she thought. Not the swear word, but wanting to create actual daggers instead of claws. There was a rumbling beneath her skin but seeing as there was no actual fighting happening, it was best not to be the next to draw weapons, especially after the last Warrior’s was cast into the lake. Hers she was literally attached to!

No rest for the sexy. He had no idea who this nutter was but clearly, he had no friends here. Luna was hostile again with a healthy dose of dramatics. That girl needed some serious training. Not JUST in magic but in conducting oneself as a practitioner. She was a child with so much potential and power but clearly not a skilled as she thought she was. She exercised no control over her minion and presumed to know how to “fix” the situation with the lovely blue half-elf. Which by the way was only going to end in tears for Luna. He didn’t even need to be fully conscious to know that all Luna did was make the situation potentially worse.

"How do we defeat Fenrir." Balar spoke the words, and Varan tuned back into the conversation.

Olin proped himself on his elbows. Oh you have got be kidding… He groused inwardly frowning.

"I thought you would never ask." Harlequin laughed, "The answer lies in Asgard upon the throne of the All Father. Sit upon the seat of power and the wolf gods bane will be made clear to you."

Olin groaned sitting up. “Who is the strange man? Is he a lost actor or just plain mad?” He asked trying not to move to fast. “Do you seriously expect to just … walking to Asgard like it is nothing? There is only ONE way into Asgard.” Olin reminded the crew in case some might not know.

Varan dreamily stared Olin as he spoke, not caring what it would take to get into Asgard just as long as he was close by. Hellfires could spawn, it wouldn’t stop the feeling that spread across her, but wait, they were to fight the wolves? Weren’t the wolves the good guys? Wolves killed the Ice Giants. Was this kith evil? Was Miles right with what he said? SO many questions! There was only one way to find out. Go to Asgard. Find the bane. Sort it out.

She slyly eyed the dagger the full elf was holding, wondering if it was only be a matter of time before that too would be tossed away. The metal in her back shifted once again. Perhaps next time she’d let someone else purvey the rule of finders keepers.

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