A Deal Offered

“Who is the strange man? Is he a lost actor or just plain mad?” Olin asked, obviously still out of kilter from his magical efforts. “Do you seriously expect to just … walking to Asgard like it is nothing? There is only ONE way into Asgard.”

Harlequin turned to face the man and for a moment his face flashed with irritation before forcing into a broad smile. The colours of his skin and clothing shifting to sickly greens and yellows, his eyes as black as midnight.

"Of course, how rude of me." he gave a bow, "We have not met, I am Harlequin son of Loki and your new friends Balar and Luna, well they work for me. As did the the dearly departed Tiella."

Still standing next to Kespin he placed a hand on the old mans shoulder,"This one I know of old though he does not remember it. He is crazier than a bag of cats you know. He is bound by curiosity. My dear Caligari you were an unexpected but entertaining addition to this little troop and now, well you are marked by the wolf as much as they, as is the dwarf. Gods what have you done to her, she looks like she's been drinking trolls milk from a rotten dragon egg. Oh and Olin as you have bound your self to the witch that makes you as invested as the rest of them." Harlequin clapped his hands in glee and disappeared again, just to appear next to the fire once more.

"You lost the giant? How careless... I will see to that lapse shortly, but in the mean time. My dear Varan oh beautiful daughter of the Ice, and my highly esteemed and powerful Dim. What treasures may entice you, what powers may I offer, what secrets may I reveal that would bind you to this quest. Simply ask and it shall be yours."

He shared a look with them both, "Do not be put of by the old warrior and the elf child. The poor man has just lost his wife and is not thinking straight and as to little loopy Luna, well she clearly is not the compass by which you should sail the seas of fate. Grasp this opportunity for it will not come again."

He watched then as Varan mused over his words and Dim looked on blankly trying to decide what the nice magic clown was talking about. He bent down towards Dim and under his breath murmured,

"I will pay you to kill the big bad wolf god... what would you like?"

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