Dreams Fade

"Who is Miles?" Balar asked. The magic of the hallway having stripped all memory of the man who was Miles from their minds, along with his body from the mortal realms.

"Return?" Tiella gasped, "Are you mad? Who are you talking about? We have bigger things to worry about right now. We have to help Dyvia or she will die!"


"You see. Your friends do not even remember you." Fenrir growled as he and Miles stared into the magical pool at the centre of the garden.

"The elf remembers."

"She will soon forget. The day will steal the sleep and shadow from her mind and she will remember you only in her dreams."

"I will not serve you wolf."

Fenrir laughed, "It is a little late for that I am afraid. You already bare my mark."

Miles frowned down at the bloody wound on his shoulder and then glared at the changeling. The god killer! The wolf... a low growl started to build in his chest. All to animal and Fenrir roared with laughed and slapped him on the back.

"Very good. They will pay for what they have done here and you will help me collect that payment."

"Harlequin is the true enemy." Miles spat and Fenrir grew silent.

"My half brother will get what is coming to him." he replied, "all in good time."

OOC: What is the situation with Theo at this point?

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