An Offer...

"Why let you pass daughter? Sigrid be a dove and tell our visitors why they have been allowed to pass this far. I tire of their chatter."

A familiar figure stepped out from between the trees. It was Sigrid, but changed. She looked taller and stronger, almost a match for Heimdal and the Jotun and she wore the silver armour of the Valkyrie. In her one hand she grasped a silver spear and her other was braced with a round silver buckler.

"You have been allowed to pass." Sigrid gave them a wicked grin as she twirled her spear back and forth before her lightning playing along its length while her eyes blazed with an inner light,

"because she does not fear you, because at her word I will slay you all."

"Stay your hand Sigrid," Hela commanded, "I intend to make them an offer, let it not be said that I am unreasonable. Will you hear my offer?"

"Speak." Balar said, his hand hovering over his axe.

"First to the elf, the wizard and my wayward daughter of death." Hela moved to stand before them, she raised her hands and the waters bubbled giving way to three black orbs that rose to float above her head.

"Each of you are seekers of knowledge, each of you are tormented by inner demons, what are these others to you? What is this quest compared to that greater struggle, that deeper need within you? Within these orbs sits the answers you seek, the wisdom you lack the power that is rightfully yours. Agree to stand aside my friends, to simply depart and you will do so with my blessing and these gifts. The orbs came to float just out of reach of each of them as she awaited their answer.

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