Force Find

Mar smirked. "This would be a great time to test your knowledge of The Force." He nodded. "Very well... Try and find where they are. Reach out with your feelings and find Ghost, Keran, and Mira..." Mar closed his eyes and tried to reach out to Mira and Keran, however his mind was still preoccupied with his own guilt and all he found himself focusing on was a great dark presence... only to realize that it wasn't him. However he didn't want to frighten Serenity so he didn't betray his surprise.

The Ninth Sister was on Mandalore...

"So... Serenity. Tell me what you sense..." Mar's eyes began to dart around, trying to see if the enemy was near.


Mira shook her head. "No wait! This is Mandalore! He might now about your mother, Ghost! We can't pass up this chance to find answers." She looked to Mandalore. "Ruellia Venneroe! She was a Mandalorian! This is her daughter!" She gestured to Ghost. "Please. We want to learn more about her, for her sake." \

Keran seemed displeased by Mira's outburst, but remained silent. Merely snorting in displeasure.

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