Getting Permission

Rose and Sam walked to the Principal's office; excited about the first beach party of the school year. Later in the year, there would probably be unsanctioned parties but starting the year off with permission was a good idea. It was also, a little easier, to get permission before anyone had probably gotten into any real trouble.

Rose knew why it made sense they would go talk to Principal Perky. Like most of the teachers and staff at the school and unlike many of the students, Perky knew about Rose's accident. She like the others were taking a gentle approach towards Rose; well as gentle as they would with anyone in a similar circumstance but that made Rose have an in with them. An in other students didn't, necessarily, have. As for Sam; it made sense that Sam would be with her and Sam was a good student that didn't get into trouble.

They entered the front office where the secretary sat behind a front desk area. There were a few offices around the office. Both girls knew Perky's office was the one all the way in the back down the short hallway. They asked the secretary about seeing the Principal and then were directed to take a seat.

It was a few minutes before Perky came out of her office. Talked to the secretary for a moment and then said. "Girls. You want to see me? Come on back."

They followed Perky to her office and were offered the two chairs in front of the woman's desk while Perky went behind her desk and asked. "Now, what can I do for you?'

It was very cut to the chase, she was a busy woman and this had better be worth her time but it wasn't said harsly.

Sam spoke up. "Principal Perky. We would like permission for a beach party on Friday night."

Perky looked at the two girls. "I see." She then looked at Rose. "Rose how are you doing?"

"I'm doing OK." She paused unsure as to why that question was asked before they got an answer. "We were thinking it might be a good way for the students to meet as there seems to be a few new students, this term."

Perky nodded. "Is someone securing champions? I would prefer 4 but I will agree with two."

Rose replied. "Yes, Heath Vincent said he would get the chaperones."

Perky nodded. Then said, "The rules must be abided." She paused as if thinking. "It might be best to use beach houses. You can start the party on Friday and everyone would need to be back by curfew on Sunday."

She wasn't just saying yes she was saying they could make it the entire weekend. Both Rose and Sam were stunned. "Anyone breaks the rules and it could well be the last party for the year so be cautious. Make sure everyone knows what is expected of them."

There it was; that was more like Perky, strict. Still, both girls couldn't believe their luck and they both thanked the Principal before they left her office. By then the bell was just about to ring so they both took a moment to text the people they needed to, went to their lockers before meeting up again to walk to their next class together.

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