What It's Like

Rose listened as Dante caught her up with his life. She didn't know his parents had gotten divorced but did know she hadn't seen him at any of the parties in a while. When he explained his new life; it sounded almost idyllic to the blonde.

When Rose was younger she used to wonder what that would be like; to have the 3 bedroom house with parents that were around. That though wasn't her life; it would probably never be her life.

She nodded when he finished. "Well, it sounds like your doing good." Then he asked about her.

"Minus what you already know. Nothing much has changed with my parents." She paused. "I still hate it. I didn't fit in when we were younger with the rich kids that never changed."

When they were younger Rose would have rather been drawing, reading, riding one of the horses than having to be social at one of the parties. She never really fit in with the rich kids that would attend those functions and she still didn't. She was nothing like them and now that the accident had happened she felt less like them than ever.

Her parents had been snobs when she was younger. Snobs and critical of Rose or ignoring her. Nothing had changed if anything it had gotten worse. "I sometimes feel like I was switched at birth or something."

Why was she telling him all of this? It was possible the day had gotten to her; it was more likely she figured he would understand more than most people.

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