Part Two

Finishing his Ice cream JD stared at the empty cup for a moment. He had enough of this Ice cream social. "Canner, I will see you later, he looked at the others "I will see you all later I have had enough Ice cream for tonight," he said as he stood. His mind was racing with the thought of Lance and Rose from earlier. He walked over to the trash throwing the ice cream cup like making a basket. It flew and bounced off the side landing on the floor. JD's head sank. I am looking even worse now he thought to himself. He walked over and picking up the cup and put it in the trash. he glanced over to Lance who had seen it with a look of satisfaction on his face. JD sighed started to walk for the door.

JD looked at Sam and Ashly talking as he walked to the door. Sam was bothered by something look on her face and body language Told him something was up. He thought things could not get any worse so he paused for a moment and waited for them to finish. Sam started to walk back towards the table they were sitting at.

JD walked in front of her looking into her eyes for any other signs of problems. She seems to be surprised by JD and disturbed some from earlier JD thought. "Sam you ok, got time to talk?" JD asked her.

Sam knew what had happened between Lance and JD meant the rift between the rich kids and scholarship students was on. She was hoping for a little longer before it started.

"Sure" Sam responded. She didn't answer the first part, not yet, anyway.

He walked for the door looking back to make sure Sam was fallowing he walked down the hall some opening a door to the courtyard he walked through it. He took a few steps then froze in place looking to the corner of the court yeard. he could just make out to people making out in the shadows "It begins wow did not think it would." he said quietly then laughed some walking to the first table He motions for Sam to sit and he sat across from her.

"I am sorry to drag you away but it looked like you had enough in there too and could use a break," said JD.

Sam sat down and sighed. "It happens every year but last year didn't start until the 2nd week of classes." She nodded when he said she looked like she needed a break. "You know they make things bad for us, the scholarship students, but it can be worse for the rich kids that side with us, I think some of the rich, popular kids think of them as traitors."

JD looked down at the table running his finger down one of the cracks in the wood of the table."I saw Lance in the summer with his rich friends Lance and Conner got into it; that's why he won't mess with Conner. Lance had to repair the dent in his friend's car when Conner's body slammed him on the hood. I was with Conner when it happed. So there could be more to the Story of why me first. well, that's what I think." explained JD.

"That is probably it. It doesn't take much and that would certainly make Lance think that he should make your life miserable." Sam responded.

JDs phone lit up he looked at it "Oh text from mom I will answer later" mumbled JD. "So you have been here longer. Do you think I did ok with Lance or did I just make this worse for everyone.?" He asked.

"I think you did fine." Sam was being truthful. "If it had escalated that would have been worse. I wouldn't worry about it; the divide is always there. It always is somehow started."

" What does Rose think about the rich vs scholarship kids? asked JD.

Sam thought for a moment. "Well, I'm her best friend that should tell you something. I'm here on a scholarship." She wasn't sure how to explain Rose to JD. "Rose isn't like most people with money. She's never fit in with the rich kids, even as a small child or her last school from what she told me. Some of it can be credited to her brother; he was a genuinely nice person. Part of it probably has to do with her parents but that's a whole other topic. But I really think Rose just was born to not be like them and since the accident, it's even been more so. What I'm trying to say is it doesn't matter to Rose how much money someone has. She'd rather have people in her life that are good than people who just have a lot of money."

JD looked relieved from her answer. then he quickly changed his composure. "That's good," he said. "Is she interested in someone here or back home?" He said then realized how that sounded. "Oh I mean.... does she have a lot of friends here" looking a little embarrassed

Sam bit back a smile when JD responded. "Well. .no to the first one. As for friends she has some not a lot. Rose is pretty introverted at heart. She also has to be cautious that people she lets in aren't using her for her money or status."

He looked a little surprised "That many people want to use her? Really Well I am not interested in her status or money. I was taught to look at the heart of who they are. Not their skin status or money" replied JD he paused thinking. "My parents would beat me if I did otherwise."

Sam saw the look of surprise on JD's face but didn't comment on it. "Good know. To be honest, though I already thought that, or I wouldn't have had you help me look for her, earlier. I tend to be pretty accurate when it comes to people. Rose must also trust you, as much as she can, for just meeting you she told you about the accident" Sam paused. "Rose doesn't trust people easily so please be cautious with that. She's been hurt enough in the past. I don't think you would but I feel it's my duty to say that."

"I will try not to hurt her in any way. You're a good friend she is lucky to have you as one. I have had few close friends moving around the world all the time makes it hard to have close friends" said JD.

"Thanks. I bet that's hard. Well, it seems like you've made a few friends here. " Sam smiled.

"Making friends I can do. Making close friends is harder for me. Rose is not the only one with trust issues. I have also been burned a few times." JD replies.

Sam nodded. "Well, for what it's worth the people your currently hanging out with are good people. I don't mean me and Rose. I mean from what I know of the rest."

Sam did know Heath was friends with Conner and Heath wouldn't hang with people who aren't trustworthy.

"Heath I don't know well but Conner thinks he is ok we were joking this summer Conner wanted us to be the three musketeers the fourth being Courtney if she wanted to. We have to have equal opportunity nowadays," JD said smiling.

Sam breathed a laugh. "I think Courtney would. She and Conner seem pretty close, as friends."

"Yes, they are two happy motorheads dreaming engines" joked JD.

Sam laughed at that. "Well, I then know who to ask when my car breaks down. Whenever I get a car and a license." She joked

"I have Conner working on my engine now He says maybe by December," JD turned as he heard people walk by the door. I do not want to start any rumors. I am sure I have enough of them going around now." he said jokingly.

Sam smiled at him. "I can understand that. Well, I have to go back." She nodded towards the directions of the rec center. "There is someone else I need to talk to."

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