Playing By Ear

Melissa finished her song and paused for a moment as the sounds of a guitar came through. If she could hear whoever was playing, did that mean...? Her thoughts trailed off as she turned to see the door slightly cracked open. She closed her eyes for a second and took a breath, looked again, the door was definitely cracked open.

Feeling completely embarrassed and wondering how much the other person had heard, she got up from the piano bench and wandered out of the practice room to see who was strumming.

It didn't take long before she was standing face to face with Dante. She had met Dante her first day at the school as he had helped her with a box. He seemed like a nice guy but still, Melissa was beyond modified that he had heard her.

When the two finally met face to face Dante opened his mouth "Hey." is what he said but his drawl make it sound like it should have been 'Howdy'. "No sheet music?" he asked see she wasn't clutching any papers. "Can't really do that myself. Got a good ear don't get me wrong but, well always just kinda done things my way. Cover type stuff, pick a song or songs I like. Play'em in a different style. Some Country Some pop-punk." he said, rambling as he picked the strings. Clearly not seeing the mortified look on Melissa face as he tuned his beat up guitar. "You just play piano or do you play other stuff too?" Dante asked her, "I dabble in a bit of what ever I can get my hands on. Except Tuba and that big marching band drum."

Melissa didn't know if Dante didn't notice that she was mortified or that he was trying to not draw attention to it so she wouldn't feel more embarrassed. Either way, he seemed completely unfazed by what had just happened.

"I.." His question had caught her off guard. "I play guitar, drums, violin, tried Sax. I mean I dabble in whatever I feel like but um, I don't use sheet music. I play by ear. I've never learned to read music." She didn't know what to say. "I didn't know the door was open. I hope I didn't mess you up or anything." Granted he sounded like he was just tuning and getting ready but still, it was good to be sure.

"Do you write music, as well?" It was one thing Melissa couldn't do. She could come up with notes to play and lyrics but she couldn't put the music on paper because she didn't know-how.

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