Tiny Tells

After Alex gave up on stealing Jack with her feminine charms she decided to talk a walk to ease he wounded ego. She was not used to being rejected and now it was twice in a short time. She wondered if she made the right choice coming to this school and hitting on Conner and Jack. Her feelings were hurt but she knew if was just a fleeting moment. Most guys only liked her for her looks and when they tried to get to close she would cut them loose since since it irked her to much. She wondered why she did that in the past and kept doing it. Did she want a relationship or was she just passing the time with her whims? She began to wonder what she really wanted now as she ordered another coffee.

Meanwhile Ashley and Roxy finished their stretching and began to tease Jack again. Jack was doing his best to not get turned on by the two vixens but then Ashley's phone rang and she answered it. After a few brief answers Ashley switched her phone to video mode so she could see the caller on the line. As Jack feared, it was his and Ashley's mother on the call. They asked a barrage of questions that Jack and Ashley had to answer. It was obvious that the two moms were conspiring to get Ashley and Jack to marry in the future. Ashley found it amusing since it irked Jack a lot and caused his eye to twitch at the mere thought. Roxy was introduced as a close friend and Ashley would redirect the conversation everyone was doing on both sides of the family. Jack was both relieved by Ashley's wit and scared that she could charm his mom as well. He was way in over his head with her and knew he could not beat her at her game.

Roxy was amused by the sight of Jack squirming as Ashley controlled the conversation. She knew it would be bad to speak up on their odd relationship at this early stage of their lives. They had several years to figure things out in high school. However she was curious how Ashley planned to spin it in the future. So she watched Jack squirm from Ashley words. It was obvious he had a healthy fear of women by his reactions.

Ashley on the other hand was in a good mood as she taunted Jack while maintaining her charm with both moms on the phone. It was obvious she won them over and it was three against one when it came to Jack and his future love life. She knew he was already attracted to her and she has managed to hook some heart strings on Jack so it was getting easier to dominate him. She knew she messed up with winning his friendship when they were kids since she took her father's love advice and bullied Jack in elementary school. However she later learned from her mother on a better way to win a guy over. Her mom had her father by the royal jewels and Ashley was doing the same to Jack over time. One way or another she would make Jack hers. After the call was over they got some breakfast and headed to shopwer and change for class.


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