Post-Decon Locker-room

Jensen and Marshal Roberts are getting dressed in generic WY uniforms.

"Jensen, when we get out of here check the first terminal we come to. Get a status on the ship. I don't like the fact the Captain is not here yet." said Roberts.

"Will do." Jensen said.

"Marshal, you'll be happy to know that some of your other crew members have made it on board with the Cronus' Second Officer. One of them is injured." said Clayton.

"Are they coming to DECON? They need to DECON first. Then get the fuck away from the Cronus" said Roberts.

"They are showering now. Your medic is fine, the synthetic is destroyed and the man is injured... Dr Flynn is dead. I don't know how." Clayton responds. "And that little girl is still unconcious."

"OK, tell them to go to the bridge when they are done. Stay armed. I don't know if the ship is secure," said Roberts.

"Sure... ", Clayton says as she drops her towel and smiles, lingering there naked for an uncomfortable second before she turns around and opens a locker. She pulls out a standard white WY uniform and begins to dress.

Glancing at her "Nice. Thank you. I may get out of this alive yet." replies Roberts.

"May I urge you to reconsider leaving the Cronus behind so soon?" Clayton says.

Jensen just looks sheepishly to the Marshal and shakes his head. He mouths the words, "No way."

"I think as a precaution we should back off to a safe distance," said Roberts.

"I understand. Your caution has kept us all alive, Marshal.", says Clayton finishing up. She turned away and walked back into the showers on relay info to the others.

Roberts finishes getting dressed then he comments. "I need to stop by my locker on the way. to the bridge."

"Let's go.", Jensen stood up, grabbed his pistol from the sterilized equipment compartments and walked out of the decon to find a terminal.


After decontamination protocols, Roberts looked at the others. "Ok. I need to put this on deep freeze holding up the bag. Then pick up some reloads from my locker and we head straight for the bridge to check on the ship and crew. How does that sound?" asked Roberts.

There was no argument.

On the way to the bridge Jensen accessed the terminal in one of the companionways. He activated the lights, ran a ship diagnostic, and then a probe for bio signatures on the Montero. The feedback he read made him pause.

“Roberts, forward comms are damaged or offline. MUTHUR has been silenced. ...and It looks like... the Captain and Paddy are exiting Cargo Bay 2... probably heading back to the bridge. No parasites detected... but I read two other human signatures departing the cargo lift elevator. Who could that be? MUTHUR broadcast: Captain Kenny, please report to the bridge.”, Jensen said with a smile.

"Two other human life forms you say?" Roberts paused. "Shit! Are the mutant things on the ship or who could it be?"

He ran toward cargo bay 2 at best-running speed, slid down the ladder of the companionway to C Deck and down the corridors. As he rounded a corner he nearly ran into two men in compression suits aiming their pistols at him. He immediately recognized them as Paddy Lohan and Captain Kenny McCormick.

“Jesus, Roberts! Nearly took your head off!”, Kenny said, dropping his aim. “What took you so long?”, he joked.

“Welcome back, Marshal.”, said Paddy.

"Good to see you guys, thanks for not shooting me," Roberts said, lowering his weapon as well. "Paddy we need to back away from that ship ASAP if possible. Captain, what is wrong with this ship why were all the lights out?"

"Pirates. They took out comms, sent an android to break into the P1 Airlock, it went to MUTHUR's core with this.", the Captain holds up a WY access keycard. "Not sure what extent they went to, but we took care of them for now... so... you got the hell out of there alive. Damn, good job, Marshal."

"Hold on Captain." Roberts keyed his radio. "Roku, what's your status? Did we leave anyone over there?" ask Roberts.

...There is no response...

"Well what I know is everyone made it except Dr Flynn, Johns was thrown around some, Asahi was injured pretty bad and Vera needs repaired if she is to come back online. Right now they are finishing DECON. We need to get away from the other ship, Paddy. Like now." said Roberts almost making it sound like an order.

Paddy, understanding the tone and gravitas of the Marshal's words, nodded and headed toward the bridge.

"Captain, a lot of shit went down over there. We need to stay armed and travel in groups until we make a sweep of this ship. If I had my way I would nuke the other ship," said Roberts motioning for the captain to follow Paddy.

Kenny laughed nervously and began to speak quietly, "Ah yeah, let's be careful what we say... I don't know exactly what MUTHUR is capable of."

Shortly after, they returned to the bridge where they met with Johns, Jensen, and Clayton.

"Sir.", Jensen was actually happy and relieved, for once, to see the Captain. "Roku is in the MedBay with the others."

Paddy took control of the piloting console and masterfully maneuvered the Montero into a more distant position, careful not to make contact with the pirate vessel that was floating undocked beneath them.

"Hey, that pirate ship. Can we talk to them? They need to know about the DECON and critters on the other ship." suggested Roberts. "Jensen, can you get the comms back up?" he asked.

Kenny sips his coffee, it’s cold.

“We destroyed their Android, injured two of them, and they mentioned two others may have died over on the Cronus. As far as I know the only one who has possibly been exposed is their Pilot. He entered the ventral elevator and said he saw our crew just before he decided to leave them all behind. Had a compression suit on, but you’re right... we should warn them. Although I’m half tempted to say fuck em. They’re probably in their medbab, assuming they are equipped with one. Otherwise they’re in for a long miserable flight.”

Jensen says, “I’ll look into getting the comms fixed.”

"Captain I just don't want them infecting any other place. I would call this thing a BIO weapon. Or a hazard at minimum. Something this dangerous should be destroyed. Maybe your right. Let them go if they saw what's happened to the infected they know what to do I am sure. By the way if someone is infected, the only cure is a bullet to the head Captain. Well that's the way I think with the facts we have right now." Roberts said.

"We'll deal with them once we get those comms back up.", says the Captain.

“Captain, it looks like the forward comms antennae and dish have just been disabled, not damaged, but we will need someone to enable it from outside. Probably as simple as reconnecting some cables.”, Jensen informed him.

“I don’t know about fixing the comms myself but I can give you backup with tools and firepower if you need it.”, Paddy said.

“Good, you two take care of comms.”, said Kenny as he sent them off and he pulled Roberts to the side.

“Roberts, keep an eye on our guests. Don’t hesitate to shoot or put them in holding if something feels off.”

"All ready there, Captain. hay do we have any reloads for this M41A?" Roberts asked.

“None on this ship, Marshal. They don’t pay enough to afford the guns I’d like.”, says Kenny. "But we made out with this one from the pirates."

"Understood." said Roberts "I am off to the MedLab and see to the other crew Cap." he says walking away.

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