Corralling the Crew

Roberts leaves the bridge and heads down to B Deck and as he passes the lower level Medbay he sees Roku through the glass giving medical aid to Asahi. Tsuki is lying on one of the lab tables, still asleep.

“Hey... So, you made it out ok? I wanted to check up on you.”, Roku says, seeing him enter. “I would like to check on the health of both crews actually. I’ve taken care of Asahi, he should be on his feet again after a night’s rest, but no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for the next week or two. Valerie Reyes seems to be in perfect health according to our scanners, she needs to eat and hydrate. And I am optimistic that Tsuki will make a full recovery, her vitals are looking good... she just... isn’t waking yet...”

"We need to keep that group together for the next 24 to 48 hours. Keep my shotgun for now, Roku. I hate to say it... but if someone starts to change... you know what to do. Then we put them out the airlock. It's the only way we will live through this. That is supported by the Captian." Roberts informed her.

She nods grimly.

“We need to keep them in the quarantine area down here on B Deck... but what if they are not willing to stay put?”, Roku asked.

"That's why you have a shotgun. But if they have a problem, give me a call. As long as they have food and water and a good place to lie down, I think they will be ok. I will have the Captain visit as well. It might smooth things over." replies the Marshal.

Roberts starts to leave and stops. "Do you need me to stick around for a bit?"

“No. I think I can manage. If you or the Captain can give the order to corral them, I will do my best to keep them contained.” Roku replied.

"Great, well I am off to see the Captain to see our next move." concluded the Marshal.

As he turned, the Captain approached, followed by Reyes, Clayton, and Johns. Jensen and Paddy arrive from the other side, donning fresh compression suits; helmets under arms.

“Good, I have all of you together, follow me. Roku, if I can borrow you too for a moment.”, says Kenny.

He heads down the corridor to the quarantine rec area.

The team naturally falls in line as the Captain turns around to face them.

“Let me first begin by giving you all my deepest condolences for the loss of your crew, your ship, and the years you have missed. I cannot begin to imagine what a shock it is to go through such horrors only to wake up to it again after three quarters of a century of sleep. That being said, it should not be a surprise for you to know that we expect you all to follow quarantine procedures now that things are settled and you are aboard the Montero.

For obvious reasons, we need you to remain in this quarantine area on B Deck for the next 24 hours. Everything you need as readily available so there is no need to leave the area. Is that clear?

Our medic, Dr Hikari Roku, which you are all familiar with, will run some tests on all of us, starting with the Montero crew. Roku, it's best to keep your sister in the first response MedBay down here on B Deck until we know that things are clear with everyone. Asahi can be moved up to A Deck MedLab after you've ok'd him."

The Cronus crew had little to argue about and so proceeded to their quarantine mess area to get some actual food for once.

Paddy Lohan and Bruce Jensen headed over to the C1 Airlock to see if they could do some extravehicular maintenance on the comms.

Roberts thought for a moment "Captain do you want me to suit up for back up? As much as I don't want to get back into one."

“If I’m being honest, I’d rather you stayed here with that rifle. Keep an eye on these folks while Roku does her testing.”, the Captain replied.

"Yes, Sir." Roberts replied, looking for a place to sit and watch the others.

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