Checking Up

After finishing with Asahi, Roku finds Roberts, “Glenn, I’d like to check you next.”

"Ready and willing... Ah that did not sound right. Yes ma'am?" replied the Marshal.

Roku smiled at that and led Roberts into the Medbay. "I hate to do this after you just got dressed, but can you take off your armor? I would like to do a full scan and take a blood sample."

"OK you're the boss. anything else I need to take off?" Roberts asks playfully.

"Flirting with the Doctor, Marshal?" Roku teased. She gestured toward the Pauling Medpod, the newest piece of technology fitted out on the Montero and the one thing that Weyland Yutani didn't skimp on.

"Maybe after we survive this.", she smiled, tongue in cheek, as she closed the lid on him.

Roberts did not like being stuck in this thing but if it could tell if he was healthy, he would be happy.

The machine whirred to life and began a full probing scan of Roberts. After it finished, one of the mechanical arms came down and sprayed the inside of his arm.

“Please lie still, it’s going to take a blood sample.”, Roku said calmly.

She watched the monitor next to the Medpod and typed commands onto a keyboard.

It was over quickly and Roberts was free to go.

“You are perfectly healthy. I suggest staying away from any of the others from here on out until I’ve cleared them. Make sure they don’t leave the quarantine area, unless we escort them personally.”, she said.

"Roger that ma'am," Roberts replied with a smile as he put all his gear back on and took his old position.

Roku watched the Marshal leave and thought... 'maybe'. It had been too long since she thought of the prospect of romance. And it had been at least 8 months since she thought of anything else besides family and the possibility of getting back to the Cronus. After she overheard some higher up discussing the find, she knew she had to take the chance to be there to find Tsuki alive. Just like they found her after so long, and just like they found that Ripley woman a few years back after being in cryo for 57 years.

The truth was that she had sabotaged the Weyland Yutani agent who was supposed to replace Bruce Jensen on this mission and no one knew it but her. This whole mess wasn't entirely Roku's fault, but that didn't stop her from feeling guilty. These were good people and she didn't exactly do anything to warn them. She was certain that if she had, they never would have boarded the ship. Even if she knew the extent of the danger... she would have done it anyway, to save Tsuki.

"Doc? Roku!", Kenny shouted. She shook away her thoughts. "Doc, you ok? You were spacing out there. I'll go next."

"Sorry, Captain... I don't think it will even be necessary. You didn't come into contact with any air on that ship and you haven't touched any of us. I am confident that if Roberts is clear, you are fine. But if you insist, I would prefer to check you and Paddy after all the others.", Roku replied.

“If you say so.”, Kenny said gruffly. “I’ll send in Jensen as soon as he comes back from fixing the comms.”

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