Not Taking Any Chances

JP with Omni and redsword_7

USCSS Montero > B Deck > MedLab

It wasn’t long before Captain Kenny’s data tablet chimed and he tapped the screen.

“Captain McCormick, the comms are working.” said Jensen, his voice crackling with static.

“Roger that.” Kenny said grinning. “Get your asses back inside.”

Roberts just sat with his M41A at the low ready, He was decompressing, trying to relax. In all his time he had not run into anything like this. He could not wait to see the looks on the Marines' faces when they saw his report.

"Captain, if you've got the communications up, I would send a report now and try to get this area restricted and request a Marine clearing team to come and blow that ship up." Roberts requested. He looked down "But I am sure the Company will intercept and do what they want."

“I’m afraid you might be right, but I intend to send the message anyway.” Kenny replied, then he headed off to make his report and try to hail the pirates to warn them to decontaminate.

...10 minutes later...

Bruce Jensen laid himself down inside the medpod and the scan began. After his blood was drawn, Roku did her review. The blood seemed fine... but there was something strange on the scan.

“How are you feeling, Bruce?”

“Fine.” Jensen replied.

“Anything bothering you?” she asked.

“Well, I guess I’m pretty hungry and I still have a headache. Just the residual Cryo hangover, I suppose. Why?” he asked.

“Your history shows you don’t have any history of tumors, cancer, or sinus irregularities... I think... well... I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it appears you have... something... in your sinuses. It looks organic... But...”

Jensen shot up onto one elbow, still covered by the airtight medpod lid. “What!? Whaddaya mean? Oh god, it’s not one of those things is it? Jesus.”

“I won’t know anything more unless we do some more tests," Roku said.

“Jesus, you gotta do something! You gotta get it out of me!” Jensen called out in panic.

“I will. I will. You just have to stay calm.”, Roku said.

She punched some keys and the Medpod began to hiss softly. “Bruce, lay down. I need you to count backwards from ten.”

“Roku, wait! What are you doing?!” he shouted, then his heavy eyelids fell and he was unconscious.

Roku quickly tapped the button for the intercom.

“Captain. I need someone in here just in case... Jensen... Jensen may be hosting a parasite and I don’t want to take any chances but I’m not going to lose him if we can stop it before it grows. I’m running another scan and if it is the parasite I can have the machine remove it. A simple program, it will be like removing a tumor. This machine is top dollar and I am confident we have a chance.”

"Hey, Cap. I got it." said Roberts walking in. "Jensen, if anyone can help it is Roku." he said reassuringly.

“He’s already out. I figured it would be easier that way. The scan shows slight movement or growth already. We don’t have time to waste debating the ethics of this situation. I’m going to set the program to perform a standard surgical tumor removal and we will get rid of this thing.”, Roku started the machine which began to prepare anesthetic for the surgery.
As the laser scalpel lowered to make the incision the lights flickered and the power in the trauma Medbay went out.

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