USCSS Montero On Approach

JP with Redsword and Omni

January 1st, 2184 EC // 7.3.5 SW
Sutter's World > Orbit

Colonial Marshal Glenn Roberts opened his eyes as they came into focus on the lights above him. He waited for a few moments to gather his thoughts. The Cryopod was open as he breathed slowly. Sitting up with only a slight headache Roberts looked around, relieved that they made it to Sutter's World. Slowly getting out of the pod, Roberts walked over to the storage locker and punched in the combo to open it. He dressed himself and checked the 357. in the shoulder holster walking toward the cryobay door.

Roberts was still foggy from the Cryo and in the shadows of the corridors he saw a boy; a boy who couldn't possibly be there. 'Tommy'? Roberts tried to say something but the boy ran. As he entered the corridor the lights flickered to life. His body started to tremble, Roberts broke out in a heavy sweat his head was throbbing. He closed his eyes and could hear screams and smell blood. Roberts fell to his knees and covered his ears with his hands. Roberts had to fight to reopen his eyes, the boy was standing there as blood started to pool from his chest. Roberts closed his eyes as some tears started to fall.

“No not again”, he said aloud; his voice shaking and weak.

Opening his eyes and looking down the corridor, Roberts saw Tsuki Roku looking a little confused. She turned and started walking away. The boy, blood, and the sounds were gone. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly realizing that it was a flashback. He would never forget that day. The loss that day was too much.

Roberts made his way to the dining hall grabbing some water on his way to the bridge where an earth-like planet could be seen in the distance through the viewport.

Roberts sat in the Captain's chair looking at the status of the ship. Roberts did not know half of what he was looking at but most of the lights showed green and that was good enough for him. "MUTHUR, Good job on getting us here."

"...Thank you, Marshal Roberts..."

Can you open a channel to Sutter's World?" Roberts ordered as he put on a headset next to him. He could hear the low static of the communications system.

"...Opening communications channel..."

"Sutter's World, this is USCSS Montero on approach Marshal Glenn Roberts in command, please respond," he repeated himself a few times until the Sutter's World operations responded.

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