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Summary: A man of the world who has a penchant for collecting secrets.

Monsieur Ange Dumont

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Mixed Race


Nationality: French-African
Class: Middle Class (raised in an Upper-Class home)
Religion: Spiritualism


Intelligence Operative - Jack of All Trades (Order of the Moon)

Languages: French / English / Russian and German (not fluent)
Skills: observant, horse riding, maps and navigation, well traveled, street smart, many connections, lock picking, sleight of hand, gambling, smuggling, blackmail.

Martial Training: Pistols, Rifles, Pugilism

Magic: Petty level Mind Realm > Danger Sense and Telekinesis


Hard of Hearing - Dumont is deaf in one ear due to the constant bombardment of arms fire and magical explosions he endured in the raging battles of the Zulu offensive of Cape Colony.
*Alternate history of the Anglo-Zulu War.

Poor Swimmer - Dumont is not a skilled swimmer and is a admittedly a little trepidatious of being on ships or near rivers and coasts.

Battle Exhaustion - Dumont has bouts of PTSD in the form of nightmares and nervous ticks when there are loud or sudden noises. When his nerves are up, he involuntarily clenches his fists repeatedly.

Physical Appearance

Dumont is tall, athletic, and handsome. He has short, black, coily hair and caramel skin. He can typically be found wearing middle - lower class clothing. A leather newsboy cap, trousers, a vest over an ivory shirt, with a simple tie or cravat.

Personality and interests

Quiet, mild mannered, but well spoken, Dumont may appear to be of low birth but he was raised among the gentry and makes it a point to learn everything he can about people. He loves a good secret. Being half-deaf makes that a bit of a challenge these days but he is very observant, insightful, and good at reading lips.


Born in southern France, the surprise Half-Eldren, bastard son, Ange caused chaos among the Eldren noble house Deschamps as it turned out that the Lady Papillon Dumont had an affair with a half-African valet named Alayeye. According to Deschamp, their one Eldren offspring was squandered on a fling.

Lord Deschamps promptly had his marriage annulled, sent Ange and his Eldren mother Papillon back to her family home in Gevaudan, and punished Alayeye, his biological human father for violating his trust. The Lord had the points of Alayeye’s ears cut down to nubs, driving the point home that he was not nor would he ever be Eldren. Afterwards Alayeye was sentenced to prison.
Papillon wanted to keep the boy, but her family was so ashamed, they took him away to Paris to raise him as a sort of page or servant until such time he could be sent away. He taught himself to read with the help of some of the other servants and wrote letters to his mother after a time. He got used to carrying the secrets of the family and picked up the habit of nosing around the business of others. He was a quiet, but charming young lad. The family traveled a great deal and brought along Ange with them, so he became well traveled.

Eventually, in his mid teens, Ange left his Grandmother's with a servant friend. He tried to make a living for himself. There he worked odd jobs as a laborer, courier, and other things. He had already been accustomed to getting around cities, navigating the streets, running, climbing, jumping. But here he learned to pick locks and pockets, smuggling, and blackmailing. Learned the true differences between the classes. He lived a lower class lifestyle for about five years until one day, he received correspondence from his mother.

Papillon asked him to accompany her to London. While there, she told him he would soon be working as a valet for a family friend. Ange was not thrilled with the job, but he adored his mother and it got him off the streets. Soon he became close friends with the man's son, Edward Wiloughby. A few years later, Edward joined the British Army and together, he and Ange moved to Cape Town in South Africa. There, Ange joined the French Corps and moved to Le Secteur Français, a section of Cape Town allotted to the French.

The Zulus were attacking the borders of Cape Colony with their traditional weapons, magic, and firearms. The Armies were sent to the fringes to defend it. There were many battles, but one day, they were met with an overwhelming offensive. Edward was killed and their entire troops were lost to firearms and magical attacks in the night. In the cover of night, Ange found his way to a Zulu encampment where he discovered that some of the Zulu tribes had formed alliances and a group of white men was selling them all firearms in exchange for gold and mining rights further in their territory.

Ange stole a horse in the night and made it back to his station. There he informed the army of the secret weapons and alliances. This discovery helped to turn the tide in the war. The British lost many soldiers but it would have been much worse had they not found the traitors.

Ange was awarded a medal for his service and a position as a government agent for both France and England. He has been an agent for Deuxième Bureau (The Second Office) and the BSI (British Secret Intelligence) for the last decade. Word got to Lady Elizabeth Ellignton’s father that he would be a good fit for The Order of The Moon. He offered and Ange accepted.

On his last mission, his group was investigating reports of a monster. It tore through his group. Once again he was a lone survivor.

Favorite Sayings

"There is power in information that isn't necessarily... academic in nature."
"I am a man of few words and many thoughts.

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