Everyone Else's Day

JP with mdman, Lorem and Cindy

A number of things have occurred." Elizabeth began. "First of all, Mr. Dumont has been reassigned and is no longer part of the team. I can assure you that was not my decision, it was the Baron's." Elizabeth would likely never be happy that had occurred, but her annoyance was focused at Baron Greenwood. "I do not know to what new position he was reassigned, only that be had to report back here today."

Cronk watched Lorem eat. For someone so small, she could really eat a lot. Cronk thought it was nice to find some common ground with the beautiful gnome.

Cronk sighed, then remembered there was conversation happening. “Baron sent spy,” Cronk added, “and evil doctor tried to snatch servant boy.”

Lorem seemed down hearted at the sound of them losing Mr. Dumont. He came across as an interesting and experienced man and there had not been enough opportunity to benefit from his company. She was glad to hear though that it wasn’t Lady Elizabeth’s decision. It reminded Lorem that she needed to make the most of moments before they changed beyond her reach. “That is unfortunate about Mr. Dumont” she exclaimed softly and just loud enough for their table to hear.

She looked genuinely shocked by the rest of the news. “Good heavens. Who is the spy? Spying for what end? Is the servant boy and others involved alright?” She had been gone one day and things seemed to go all over the place; however, she kept that joke to herself.

"I was getting to all of that," Elizabeth wasn't annoyed at Cronk for jumping in, her tone calm but he had jumped ahead of what she was trying to say. "The spy works for the Order, I know him but I doubt the rest of you have met him. As Mr. Cronk stated he was sent by the Baron. Mr. Sung caught him, lurking on the other side the fence. Clement, the errand boy was almost captured by Dr. Lamaire. He though was fast enough to get away. I have moved his family into one of the servant cottages, to keep them safe." Elizabeth decided it best to explain that situation. "Clement's mother, Miss Aceline Borde, is of poor health, it is unlikely you will see her much, but she will be in a wheelchair if you do. His two sisters, Eloise and Marie, are young, eight and six. They are very sweet girls." Elizabeth paused to let all of that sink in. "Also, we have a new team member a Captain Maseo Wayneright. He arrived this afternoon. He has his own air ship." Elizabeth keep her voice just loud enough for the table to hear.

Cronk began to laugh. “Baron got wrong Wayne Right.”

As he stopped laughing, Cronk turned to Lorem. “Cronk see Pretty Flower test?”

As with the explosive clay on their first visit to headquarters, Cronk loved weapons, especially if he could destroy things. It was a blast in more ways than one.

Plus, he would be with Lorem. Cronk would like to be with Pretty Flower as much as he could. Maybe one day, he’d be courageous enough to tell her how he felt about her. He wasn’t sure himself yet. All he knew was Cronk never felt like this before. Would she feel the same way? The anxiousness gnawed away at him. He tried not to show it, just enjoying the moment, even though there was a chaperone with them. If they were alone, Cronk would never overstep his boundaries. He was the perfect gentleman, even more than those who considered their race to be refined and civilized.

Elizabeth breathed a laugh, at the Wayneright situation. "Yes, the Baron wanted one Wayneright, Elijah, but because one of Greenwood's secretary not putting down a first name, we got a different Captain Wayneright. Maseo seems to fit in well, so, far. Elijah... well...let's just say he's like a younger version of the Baron."

Hearing Cronk discuss a possible demonstration, Elizabeth had to step in. "Perhaps, Mr. Cronk once we are done with tea. If Miss Ipsum is up for it, she could give us a demonstration."

Elizabeth then continued, "Because, it is clear Dr. Lamaire knew enough to follow my errand boy. He must know about some of the team. We had to ramp things up ourselves. Mr. Sung, Mr. Aster, and Captain Wayneright are all currently undercover trying to infiltrate a religious cult, we believe Lamaire to be a part of. They will be a part of the Captain's crew, and staying on the ship for the present time. I have taken over Mr. Asters research. Which was why we're here but I was called into a meeting with The Baron. So, ran out time today. We will be riding with you tomorrow however. And because we've had to increase security, I will be assigning a chaperone to you to escort you to and from here. For when we aren't with you. Miss Ipsum, I do hope that is alright." Elizabeth sipped her tea, as she waited on Lorem’s response.

Cronk was happy with the Lady Elizabeth’s suggestion. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He’d get to see Pretty Flower demonstrate the weapon. He had already had whiskey. Cronk realized he had a perfect day with the three W’s he emulated in his life. It truly was a good day!

Lorem listened intently to both of them. The play by play was received from Lady Elizabeth and the color commentary from Cronk. It amused her to think that they could be a pair for announcing a boxing match or something else.

Indeed, a lot had transpired since she had left that morning to work. She supposed this type of frequent and unpredictable change was going to become the new normal. It would be hard to fit such random anomalies into her existing schedule, but she doubted she would get a choice in the matter.

“If you think it best for my safety, I defer to your good judgement.” She agreeably responded to Elizabeth.

“I would be happy to set off a grenade if you’d like a demonstration.” Lorem nodded to Cronk. She took a proper sized bite, the kind that allowed you to quickly be ready to talk again without worry of having food lingering in the mouth. “Is the Captain Wayneright going to be making his airship available for the team’s use?” She inquired.

"Yes, we will, likely, be using Captain Wayneright's ship in the future." Elizabeth did realize the Captain had little choice now that he was a member of the order but, she also had the feeling he prefer his own ship to another.

Elizabeth was glad Lorem was amenable to the chaperone idea, technically Elizabeth could just order her but she was trying to avoid using heavy handed tactics. Especially, being there didn't seem to be a need for such things.

"Would you both excuse me for a moment?" Elizabeth got up from the table, talked to a man in a clean white lab coat for a moment, then came back to the table. "Now, where were we. Oh, yes the demonstration. Please take your time, Miss Ipsum, just let us know when you are ready." Elizabeth, having her fill of sandwiches and fruit, took an Eccles pie from the cart. The dessert of puff pastry filled with cinnamon, currents and brown sugar, then the whole thing was glazed with honey. The Eldren hadn't had one since her last trip to Manchester, where the pastry was a speciality. She carefully ate, as that particular dessert could be rather sticky and messy if not careful. Elizabeth, however, knew how to eat it so it wasn't an issue.

When the Lady Elizabeth left the table to discuss something with a person in white, Cronk became nervous. Even with the grease all over her, Lorem’s beauty overwhelmed Cronk. His mouth suddenly became dry, the tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. It was fine though, as Cronk didn’t know what to say.

There were many things where Cronk’s strength could carry the load. Matters of the heart was not one of them. This being the first instance for Cronk, he was petrified. If he opened his mouth, would it show his lack of intelligence? Truthfully, the only thing Cronk thought he had going for him was his strength. That wouldn’t be enough to attract a lady like Lorem.

“Pretty Flower gift nice,” Cronk finally stammered. Didn’t he already say that he liked it? Did he just put his foot in his mouth? Physically, that would have been quite an undertaking, but as a metaphor, it happened all the time.

When Lady Elizabeth returned, Cronk relaxed. Now, he needed a swig of the whiskey, and took one.

Lorem felt the awkwardness the moment Lady Elizabeth left the table. It was not difficult to read that Cronk wanted to say something but was delineating on perhaps what to say. Being that they weren’t well acquainted, Lorem thought it best to let the orc teammate initiate the topic and continuation of conversation out of politeness. She responded warmly to his redundant remark.

“Thank you Cronk. I had a marvelous time problem solving the idea and am pleased I was able to get it to look and work close to the original idea. I appreciate the inspiration you provided that led to it.” Once again, Lorem wasn’t intentionally flirting but it could come across that way to anyone eager for her attention. “Do you like making things with your hands?” She inquired.

Lorem was a slower eater by nature, because she took smaller bites. She was still finishing her last sandwich while Lady Elizabeth had moved onto dessert. Just looking at its appearance alone was enough to attract, but Lady Elizabeth made it look even better in the way she handled the sweet treat. Lorem made sure to obtain one for herself.

The man in the white coat, Elizabeth had gone to talk to, headed the morgue. They had discussed moving the body of the creature, fought at the docks,to Elizabeth's home. Of course, she would have to come in the morning and fill out paperwork for such an acquisition, but the man did say he would get things prepared for such a move.

When Elizabeth returned to the table, she figured that talk of bodies was not tea time discussion. The Eldren tried to go through her list, but was fairly certain she had filled Lorem in on everything.

"Miss Ipsum, Miss Lagrave did say she wanted to have a meeting with you, at some point tonight." Elizabeth commented to the Gnome. "I believe she has a few idea she wants to go over. And I am going to be redoing the fencing along the perimeter of my property line, to increase security. The idea of trip wires was brought up, so if you have anything to add or any other suggestions, let me know. It can be later, just something to think about."

Cronk smiled as Lorem made conversation with him. At her question, Cronk shook his head.

“Fingers to big,” he answered. “Cronk’s hands break things.”

It was true. Whether it be legs, teeth, skulls, or delicate vases, Cronk’s hands destroyed things.

When the Lady Elizabeth mentioned reworking the walls and adding traps, Cronk grinned. He actually had an idea that may be workable.

“Cronk idea,” he enthusiastically responded. “Cronk carry big things? Cronk help?”

Cronk wasn’t sure what big things might be needed in the traps. He was certain there must be heavy things that would make them work. Gears? Trap Doors? Yeh! That must be right.

Lorem finished all her food by now and double handed her pastry, pausing as she was addressed. “I am very happy to help wherever I am needed.” The gnome wondered if Sasha wanted to tweak her outfit and her mind started spinning ideas for both Miss Largraves and the security issue.

She took a bite and her eyes popped up from the sugar rush of the delicious symphony playing on her tongue. She made short work of her desert, unlike the care she took while eating the rest.

Lorem raised her glass of water in a light hearted toast to Cronk. She exclaimed a mantra that her dad would say all the time. “Some jobs are small and others big I’ve found. Together there is plenty of work all around.” Her glass raised an inch higher “clink-buzzzz-whirp-hisss” she made a strange gear sound, that actually sounded like the real thing, and then laughed softly.

"Yes, by all means M.. Cronk," Elizabeth was going to have a difficult time not calling him Mr. Cronk, but it was at the Orc's request. "Your strength would be very useful, in that, I'm sure some of the equipment will be very heavy."

When Lorem made the mechanical noises, Elizabeth was a little surprised, the Gnome engineer was just full of surprises it seemed. It did however make Elizabeth laugh slightly.

When it seemed like everyone was fished, Elizabeth drank the last of her tea. The waitress came back over, with a billbof sorts that Elizabeth just needed to sign. The Order paid for everything but still needed her signature on what was basically an itemized list of what was partaken over tea. The tip, however, was another matter. Tips were not included, and left at the discretion of the patron. Which was typical of most establishments. Once the waitress was gone, Elizabeth pulled out her small cloth bag and put some money on the table. It was a larger tip, than what was usual, but Elizabeth always tipped on the higher end.

"If we are ready then, let's go to the field behind the magic building. It's likely not being used. Miss Ipsum can demonstrate there." Elizabeth stated.

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