Before Getting On The Van

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May 14, 1889
10 AM

The rest of the night, after the meeting had been quiet. Elizabeth had a feeling that if anyone from the cult was going to cause problems it would be when they thought the defenses around her home were down. Elizabeth had no plans in becoming complicit regarding saftey.

She finished up some paperwork, when a knock was heard on her office door. She yelled out a polite "come in",

Harold appeared. "Marcil is here."

So, their ride had arrived it seemed. "Good, let Miss Ipsum, Mr. Aster, Miss Lagrave and Cronk know that we are getting ready to leave. Where is Marcil?"

"He is in the second sitting room, near the front of the house." Harold responded.

"Alright, tell those team members to meet there." Elizabeth said.

Harold bowed and set off to get servants to inform the team members that were going what Elizabeth had said.

Elizabeth herself took a few moments to get ready before going to the sitting room and greeting Marcil.

Sasha was the first of the recon team to arrive. Wearing four messanger satchels two on each side for collecting anything they found. She looked awake but still rather tired, from the previous day and her tapping into her hunter's instincts. "Good morning." she said.

Shortly after Vor arrived, bearing several satchels of his own, though many were well stocked with parchment and associated supplies for documentation. As of late he had begun to feel closer to his childhood dream of being a scholar than the artist he had been before the Order, a thought that had humored his sleep deprived mind. "Good morning, all.”

Cronk had just finished eating a second breakfast after giving a sample of blood. He had fainted and needed to rebuild energy. He disregarded the Good Doctor’s recommendation concerning more greens and fruit. The cook prepared bacon, sausages, and fried eggs for him.

Walking into the room with a smile, Cronk greeted his teammates with a nod. “Cronk glad to see Masked One,” he said. “Fish Man too!”

Marcil had risen and bowed to greet Elizabeth. Then the others arrived. "Bonjour," the Frenchman said as a general greeting to everyone.

"Good morning, everyone." Elizabeth said, after greeting everyone as they entered. She had worked through breakfast and was unaware who had been there. The Eldren had told Harold to put boxes and things to carry things in the large van they would be taking this morning, but she certainly appreciated any additional help from the team.

"I was thinking that the two buildings that make up the complex might be easiest to go through first. I want to go through Mr. Williams Sable's building as I am sure it's part of it, the office building, the temple and the tunnels." Elizabeth explained. "Unless anyone has a better plan.”

"Your plan is as good as any." She said, "Though it may be advantageous to check the office Captain Masao infiltrated and the lab first. Though it might be a meandering path, we know documentation was present there." Sasha suggested "but you are in charge I leave the ultimate decision to you “

Cronk remained silent. He didn’t know much about strategy. He was more the impulsive charger type.

"We could do the offices, then the tunnels, the temple, then William's building. Unless we start running into members, in which case we probably will have bigger problems." Elizabeth commented.

Sasha agreed. "I just fear that if they get word we are above ground they have many escape routes out of the labs to get away should anyone still be present.”

Lorem came running in, and abruptly put on the brakes and tried to right herself as a respectable lady would before she continued. She had been up early working with the servants to pack her things for the trip. She literally came upon the van riding her little motor kart pulling a wagon full of containers. She was quite particular in the handling of some of the cargo, leading to her tardiness.

She curtsied to everyone present. “I apologize for my lateness, I was getting my things loaded.” She found her way to where the group was gathered.

Marcil rose and greeted Lorem with a smile. "Bonjour, Fraulein Ipsum."

"Good Morning," Elizabeth smiled at the Gnome. "It is quite alright. Now, that we are all here. If everyone is ready. We should head to the van.”

Cronk wondered why the gnome didn’t ask him to help her load the containers. At least he was there to load them from the kart to the van.

Cronk headed to the Kart and easily picked up the first container. “Cronk help,” he insisted.

Turning to Lady Boss and the Masked One, Cronk replied to her concerns, “Big problems need big person.” He, of course, was referring to himself.

Marcil and Elizabeth had made their way to the van and waited outside for the others to board.

Elizabeth smiled at Cronk. "Yes, Cronk sometimes they do.”

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