Philosophical Discussion

JP with mdman, Lorem, LucianNepreen, Lasersexpanther and Cindy

Upon hearing the conversation of animals who in a word 'think outside the box' Sasha chimed in. "Both Crows and Woodpecker Finches use sticks to get to food, as well as some primates." Sasha said. "Plenty of animals learn ways to broaden their scope of survivability. Adaptation, Innovation, Survival.”

"Yet these creatures do not remove themselves from their environment. The otter and primate use tools, yet do little against the rain and storm besides weather it. The crow and finch will utilize sticks, but we have yet to see them craft machines to make the food themselves."

Vor smiled, fully enjoying the philosophy after so long locked in his studies and brooding.

"It is when we are separated from Metira, from whom we all came, that the more traditionalist of us take issue. Take your suit for instance, you are locked away from the world and Metira's caress. You use apparatus and gears to feel and see what is right in front of you. If a sign is too far, then move closer to read it. If something is beyond the drop-off, you either swim to it or leave it behind."

Here he held up his gloved hand.

"Even this glove, which allows me to touch many things that would dry out my skin or otherwise harm it, is a necessary hypocrisy to be on the land outside of communities adapted for us. My Elders would shrivel hearing such a simplified version, though there is more meaning given in my natural tongue.”

Sasha put a hand up in a slightly placating gesture. "I mean no offense. Human though I may be, I consider myself a hunter first, and the gear I wear and the weapons I use I have to maintain some connection beyond what many have for nature to remain keenly aware." Sasha said, "Nothing I carry is made by machine, it is all built by hand, most of what I use was made by my father with his bare hands." She explained, "But I understand and respect your view, so long as our team having conflicting views doesn't hinder our missions or endanger one another, what you chose to believe is fine by me.”

Vor raised his other hand to reciprocate the gesture.

"Forgive my enthusiasm, I enjoy trading philosophy and recognize how my own is not the truth of others. There are many names for a fish after all!"

His brief cheer with the jest died at his next comment.

"Something that makes me revile the Children. Metira understands that life flows and branches in ways her true children can never fully understand. Where I struggle to understand the joy Ms. Ipsum gains from her creations, I can plainly see it and that is enough to know she creates with Metira's love.”

Lorem patiently and politely listened to both Vor and Sasha. Their points were interesting to consider. The talk about Metira was completely foreign to her. Suspending judgement long enough to play around with their claims, Lorem articulated her listening into several different simulations before deciding what to say next.

“Might it be possible that the essence of our being, for those species with higher cognitive aptitude, is found in our capacity to transcend the limitations of our self and environment? While our animal counterparts may weather the storms and adapt to their surroundings with the tools at their disposal, it is our unique ability to innovate and create that sets us apart.

Consider the wonders of the written word, the marvels of architecture, and the triumphs of scientific discovery—all borne from the depths of ingenuity. Are these not testaments to our ability to shape and mold our environment according to our needs and desires? Is that not us, being true to our nature?

Indeed, our tools and technologies may serve in some instances as barriers between ourselves and the natural world, but they also open doorways to realms of knowledge and exploration of nature previously unimaginable. Through the lens of a telescope, we gaze upon distant stars; through the pages of a book, we traverse the annals of history; through the workings of a microscope, we unlock the mysteries of life itself.”

Lorem paused and thought some more, “And do we just end where our skin ends? I conjecture that we can project ourselves beyond our own skin. For when I hold a screwdriver in my hand, or drive an automobile, it becomes an extension of me. Similar to how I can also project my hope in others as well, that they might save me when I am in danger.”

Cronk’s head turned from person to person during the discussion. While listening intently, everything went over the huge orc’s head. The philosophy was deep. Cronk’s idea of philosophy is akin to a dandelion seed caught in a whirlwind of confusion.

As the philosophical discussion went on the van started down the road. While Elizabeth was listening in she was staying out of it. As team leader taking sides for such things was probably not the best thing to do. She trusted her team to keep it civil so no stepping in was required.

Besides her own beliefs were somewhere between the ones expressed and none. The Acuitus, the belief of the Eldren, had its own thoughts on nature and technology and how and why magic adapts to the changing world or doesn't.

The van ride took about 15 minutes, a little longer than usual, because Marcil was taken a few side streets to avoid being seen, if that would be an issue.

15 minutes later, they arrived at the Children's complex. Elizabeth paid close attention to any dangers before getting out of the van.

There weren't any dangers, in fact, despite Paris being a bustling city, this particular part seemed abandoned completely. Eerily so.

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