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Summary: Paladin of the Brotherhood


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Brotherhood of Steel

Physical Appearance

Muscular build.
Short black hair
Tan skin
Gray eyes


Brotherhood of Steel, Mojave chapter.


T-51b power armor.
Laser rifle.
Laser pistol.
Combat knife
Combat armor (when not in power armor)

Personality and interests

Standoffish at first, but loyal and protective to those who get to know him. Despises
NCR but will work with them if necessary.

Interest include exploring, cooking, technology, and reading.


Power armor training.
Hand to hand combat.
Energy weapons.
Heavy weapons.
First aid.


Born and raised in the Brotherhood of Steel, Alex and his family would be part of the detachment sent out west under elder Elijah to establish a chapter in in the Mojave region.
Following his parents footsteps he would begin training to become a knight in the Brotherhood.

Everything changed during the Battle of Helios 1 where Alex would lose both his parents as well as many of his friends and loved ones. Despite being only 17 at the time he would participate in the battle until it withdrawal orders were given to retreat to hidden valley. Since then he has risen to the rank of paladin and frequently joins it on the night time patrols as well as being sent on supply runs.

Favourite Sayings

Beating not broken

Favourite food


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Image of Alex
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