Old tales and New roommates

“I ain't by myself anymore,” Annie retorted as she sat with Riley and watched him pour the drinks. “I used to...” She glanced away for a long time before answering. “I used to be with a bunch of raiders. They killed my ma and pa and I just got stuck with 'em, ya know. I've been on my own for a long while, though. I left...”

She didn't know what else to tell him. Yes, she was often times a raider, even looked like one when she hadn't washed up enough, but learned long ago that life wasn't easy. In the wasteland that was the world, you learned to take care of yourself and you could only depend on yourself.

“Why you out here?” She blurted.

With a sympathetic look Riley placed a hand on any shoulder giving it a light comforting squeeze.

"I'm not here to judge you Annie you did what you had to do in order to survive. I also know that you're a good person and I trust you considering that you are willing to risk your life to help me and this town." Taking a drink he thought over her question before continuing.

"I don't know if you ever heard of us desert rangers but back in the day we were a force to be reckoned with. We protected most of the settlements here in Nevada and in Arizona. That was until we encountered the legion. Better training and equipment can only get you so far when you're facing an almost endless hoard of fanatical Roman cosplayers. Eventually we got pushed back here to the Mojave we met up with the NCR signed a treaty for them to take over our territory and protected as long as we join them. Of course that didn't set well with all of us most joined, some went to Texas to join up with an allied ranger group. Then you have the rare few like me who still try to make a difference where the NCR doesn't dare to go."

Pulling his ranger badge out of his pocket he looked at it for a moment "as to why I'm here specifically though old friend of mine called in a favor her caravan along with a lot of smaller ones have been getting hit by raiders recently however she thinks that someone else is and after checking out some of these wrecked caravans myself I tend to agree with her."


“I don't want your charity,” Klaire told Alex with a frown. “Especially from one of you.” The way she said it suggested she knew what Alex really was hidden under that disguise of his. Gold eyes narrowed on him as she looked at the man, took in the smaller details, caught his scent more thoroughly. He didn't smell of any danger at the moment, but anyone could change in the blink of an eye and she wasn't going to be taken off guard.

Looking to the person at the counter, she said, “If there's only one room, just book us both in it. I ain't bothered with a couch.”

Alex studied the woman carefully as he paid for the room before walking alongside her. He wondered if she was just being cautious of him or she truly knew that he was brotherhood. Part of being one of the top side agents of chapter was how careful he was to ensure no one knew the Brotherhood was still around after the events of Helios 1 and up into this moment he was successful until him encountering this woman.

Approaching the room Alex open the door and held it open for her to enter first before following and locking the door.

"Names Alex and if you don't mind me asking Miss what did you mean by you people ?"

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