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Summary: Explosive Annie


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Gender: F

Age: 24

Group: Raiders

Physical Appearance

Brown hair
Amber eyes
Fair skin (Looks tan-ish due to running around a lot and staying dirt/dust covered)




Backpack - clothing, ammo, water, food, explosives (a lot) and anything else she may need like stimpaks. She is resourceful and able to take care of herself.

Personality and interests

A short tempered little box of dynamite that is not afraid to get into a fight with anyone or anything. She is a loner due to her lack of fear and insane nature to go head first into a fight. If given a chance she will attempt to be friendly, but it is difficult due to her being a raider.

The only interest she has right now is survival.


Very agile and good at running
Being small means she can hide in small places


At the age of ten, Annie learned the hard way not to mess with people when raiders killed her parents and took her in as one of their own. She grew and traveled with them until she was sixteen and has since been traveling on her own in search of a purpose to life. She is also trying to make her own group, but being as daredevil-ish as she is can make people nervous.

Favourite Sayings

"Let's blow this joint!"

Favourite food

Any kind of proper meat she can cook.

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Image of Annie
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