Freshening up

"Wash...up?" Annie asks in shock. "Ya mean I can actually use a clean water shower?!" She gasps and grins. "And I'm never gonna turn down a good drink!"

Annie gladly follows Riley to get the showers. Going first, she is not shy about tossing her clothes out of the room. The water cascades down her slender frame and with some scrubbing there is a beautiful young woman beneath it all.

When she finishes, she steps out in nothing but a towel, her fair heart shaped face on full display. Riley was correct in his assessment that there is a pretty woman underneath all the grime. "I haven't had a good shower in so long. That felt AMAZING!" She says, making an explosion gesture with her hands.

Riley blushed not expecting Annie to be so bold in front of him. That being said the ranger could see even under the grime that she had a nice figure. Something that proved to be true when she stepped out of the shower.

"Glad you enjoyed the shower" he chuckled handing her a bundle of clothes and leather armor. "Figured you could use some new clothes and better protection Don't want that pretty face of yours getting mistaken for a raider if we're going to be traveling together."

Giving her a wink Riley stripped his own clothes close off and headed into the shower. After cleaning up he began to get dressed a simple shirt and pants.

"Ready to head out to the bar?"

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