Annie sits down and watches Riley as he walks off to shower. She pulls on the clean clothes and armor while he gets himself all clean, happy to have something on that isn't as filthy as she often is. One of his sentences, though, hits her in a way she is unwilling to respond to.

"Don't want that pretty face of yours getting mistaken for a raider..."

Does he really think her face is pretty? She ponders on this as she listens to the water washing his body. A part of her wants to ask him about this, but she refuses to bring it up. Men often mistake her for a raider even without grime and dirt due to her choice of clothing and her wild behavior.

She isn't known as Explosive Annie for no reason, after all.

"Ready to head out to the bar?"

"Huh?" Annie jerks and looks up at Riley from where she sits. "Oh, yeah. Yeah! Lets go!" She hops to her feet, ready to spring into action.

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