Lydia walked into Johns room and drew the curtains, allowing sunlight to flood inside. "It's morning and we've got work to do. You need to check in on the new doctor, constantly, and I need to tend to the animals." She said before giving him a chance to process that she was up and moving again.

Johnathan sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes and groaning dramatically. "I'm sure I'll be glad you're feeling better at some point, but right now, I hate you."

"I can live with that. Rise and shine sleeping beauty." Lydia responded, while pulling the blankets off of his body.

Johnathan grumbled, but planted his feet on the ground and stood up, popping his neck and his knuckles as he adjusted to the morning light.
After a couple cups of coffee, and a piece of stale toast, Johnathan walked groggily into the medical ward, not returning anyone's greetings as he passed by them - the usual. But, once he caught sight of Khunara walking around and getting to work, he perked up slightly and allowed the corners of his lips to turn slightly upward. "Good morning." He said, offering her a cup of coffee.

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