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Johnathan’s Barn - Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Perrine, the man of few human words, halted at the sound of Sophia's urgent plea. His deep eyes assessed her with a critical gaze, the wheels of contemplation turning in his mind. They had finished packing up the wagon and were moments from leaving without incident; however, now this significant moment had presented itself. The barn door creaked slightly as he turned to face her, Luna and Peekaboo at his side.

It was difficult to tell what he was thinking as their eyes met. Perrine's calm and thoughtful demeanor didn't waver as he considered the pros and cons of having another person alongside them. He weighed the potential risks against the advantages, both previously experienced and the uncertainty of future events, in this unpredictable world.

Perrine’s expression softened, his response carrying the weight of consideration. He gestured with a pat on the back of the wagon. Then he changed his attention to finishing making sure all was ready with Luna’s harness.

It was obvious his gesture was for her to join their small group. Luna, sensing the change in dynamics, lowered her head in acknowledgement. Peekaboo, perched on Perrine's shoulder, observed Sophia and Honey with curious eyes. Whisp would catch up a little later.

Perrine was hoping to depart the area with no further surprises or interruptions if possible.

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