A Patient To A Runaway

Khunara smiles, but it does not reach her eyes. “If you wish to go look for her, you may, John. I know what it is like to worry over those you care for.” She explains to him, gently setting a hand on his arm.

Before she can continue, a nurse rushes in. “Dr. Takomoto, the young man just woke up!” She says with a smile.

“I see,” Khunara goes over to a chair and grabs up her bag that holds so many important things. “Take me to him so I can tend to any issues he may be having.”

Nodding, the nurse steps out of the room to wait.

Turning to John, Khunara gives him another smile. “Work calls,” She tells him and gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek before heading off with the nurse. They go through halls and follow paths until she reaches Finlay Wyndwood’s room where she knocks politely before entering.


Sophia is gasping as she finally stops and presses to a wall, realizing it is not the house she has run to. Blinking at the sight of the barn, Honey pressing against her, she notices a familiar face. He is leaving with his companions, the animals.

Clicking her tongue, the white haired young woman follows after him at a strong striding pace. “Wait!” She calls to Perrine. “Let me go with you! Please!”

She does not wish to be here if men like Malik are to be a problem for her.


In The Forest Johnathan’s Barn - Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

A gun clicks as Demitri Ivanov closes the barrell to his shotgun and looks over it before moving to his sniper rifle. He is calm, mind a void of silence as he works, hands precise and careful as he makes adjustments and repairs. The guns are strangely old, but extremely reliable for a man shockingly at his age.

His hands only stop moving the moment he hears someone begging. Looking up, brown eyes narrowing as he strains his ears, Demitri listens. He hears the distinct sound of a man who is in a panic, someone in need of help the hunter is unwilling to offer. Helping means exposing himself to whoever is after the man.

Once silence settles again, he quickly packs up his things, blows a blond lock of hair from his face and heads toward the opposite direction. His only hope is that whoever attacked the man does not come bothering him. He is not above killing anyone...

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