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12 tips for writing Star Trek fanfiction & roleplaying

Star trek characters comic

Star Trek fanfiction is as old as Star Trek itself, and heavily dominates the world of online roleplaying. There’s many giant Star Trek roleplay clubs, like Starbase 118 and Star Trek: Borderlands. We’ve even got Star Trek games running on OngoingWorlds (see here). Here’s some tips for anyone who wants to write fiction in the Star Trek universe: Read More


Everything you need to know about Fanfiction

Fanfiction characters reading fanfiction about them

This article was first written by Jenn Brown as a talk for Derby Scribes, a group that meet every two weeks to discuss writing. I thought it was relevant to post here to show the similarities and differences between fanfiction and roleplaying.

Fan fiction is a piece of fiction that is set is somebody else’s fictional universe. It can be based on films, television programmes, books, or games. It could be a novelisation of events already dreamed up by the original creator, but is more usually a story of the fan’s own making that simply uses the original creator’s characters and universe for its actors and stage. It’s mainly an internet phenomenon, as the ‘net provides the perfect basis for sharing it with other fans.

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