The flooded engines

“...if I do kill him: We’ve lose more than we could ever know. Neither option really appeals”
“Oh, I don’t know” Seymour cackled “Those risks don’t sound all so bad!”
Cass glanced back up at the monitor, watching the Drive Room door finally blow open in a shower of molten metal and sparks
“I reckon we've a few minutes; what do we fancy doing guys?”
<end snip>

Seymour slumped himself into a chair watching on the monitor as the Simulants entered the drive room. Their leader, a tranny robot called Tisbot brandished Jay's access key and plunged it into the computer console, and the grubby simulant's faces were lit up by hundreds of twinkling buttons.

Seymour hung his head in his hands. “I can't believe we let them do this, I can't watch this any more! We'll be second class citizens in our own home!” His legs started to walk away, dragging his upper half with them. “What? Wait!” He cried to his appendages as they took him towards the main engine room. “Do it! He cried back. “Kill Holly, I don't care anymore! I'll probably never see my baby again, I'll probably never see anyone else I know again, apart from you commoners. Never again will I drink tea at Buckingham palace, and I'll never retire on the yacht I'd always planned...”

“Well you don't have the sea legs anyway!” Cass quipped, and followed him into the other room, picking up a tablet showing the Blue Dwarf's internal systems. “Everything's coming back online, but slowly. Holly needs to boot every system up independently, right now they've got access to gravity, then it'll be air conditioning, then the... engines.”
She stopped to see what everyone else was staring at. The large engine room was flooded with water. The huge several storey engines were swimming with water that seemed to be at least 4 floors deep, and Seymour was walking to the precipice.
“Help me, I can't stop!” He said as the mechanical legs took him to the edge. The water was dirty and oily, and had likely been stagnant for 3 million years.
Jay pulled Seymour back. “Well if you did get a yacht, here's a perfect boating lake!” he said, then turned to the team. “Where did all this water come from?”

“¡Ay, caramba! I err... think it was me, I left a tap on before we went into stasis.” Gomez admitted.
“Well at least we know we won't be moving far any time soon, they'll have to clear this water first. And they can't do that until... oh smeg!”
Before Cass could even explain, things started to turn upside down.
Cass had already said the Simulants had access to the gravity systems, which explained why they were suddenly being pulled towards the ceiling.

They all plummeted upwards towards the ceiling, which in this tall room was a large enough fall to turn them into a pizza.
Seymour couldn't do anything, so closed his eyes until he felt someone grab his hand. Assuming he was saved, he was very surprised to find it was he who's saved everyone else. His artificial legs had snagged into a tall access crane, and he was holding Cass, who was dangling underneath him. Holding onto her foot was Jay, and holding onto his hands was Davie, then Gomez, then Alex, then Whitewolf. All in one daisy chain reaching towards the ceiling (which had now become the floor).

But this wasn't the only danger they were in. When the gravity flipped, the entire lake of water fell upwards too, a giant waterfall was created as the 3 million year leak slammed against the ceiling, finding a new place to settle. A gushing river was formed, just touching Whitewolf's back paws.
“I can't hold you all!” Seymour wheezed as the weight of six people stretched him. If it wasn't for the articficial legs, he'd have let go instantly, but his grip was slipping. His hands had never done anything more strenuous than the washing up.
“I'm slipping!” Cass shouted up to him. “Have you got hand cream on or something?”
“What's wrong with that? It keeps my hands oh so soft!”

But it was Whitewolf who lost his grip first. A large wave caught him, and at the bottom of the chain he fell straight into the water and was quickly washed away by the current, followed by Alex and Gomez, who all cried and spluttered as they tumbled over and over in the river.

<Tag - WW, Alex and Gomez, what happens to you next? Will Seymour, Cass and Jay fall too? Can we regroup and blow up Holly as Cass suggested?>

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