Here there be monsters

“Great, glad to…” Jay started, but stopped, his eyes widening
“What?” Cass snapped as she caught sight of his expression and turned instinctively to look behind her to face an array of long, thin, pallid tentacles that had broken the surface and risen some three metres out of the black water behind her; each studded with suckers and tipped with what looked like rudimentary eyes encircling a wickedly sharp looking claw
“Shi…” she managed before she was hauled beneath the surface
<end snip>

“why must I do everything…” Jay muttered as he saw Cass and the others flailing helplessly in the water.
He reached over his shoulder with his free hand and pulled his rifle from its holster drawing it in a wide arc back over his shoulder and held the weapon at arms length. He waved it around for a few seconds trying to find a clear shot of the creature but it’s submersion in the water and rapid movement made it hard to get a clear shot, not to mention the fact that the others were repeatedly being thrown around by the creatures tentacles.
Jay grumbled something inaudible and placed his gun back in it’s holster and drew his combat knife from his hip, and placed it between his teeth.
“I say!” Seymour yelped “what on earth are you doing?”
“I wish I knew…” Jay replied, his voice muffled through his gritted, knife wielding teeth, before released his grappler and spinning in the air dived headlong into the surging water below.
It was dark underwater, with minimal lighting in the engine room, Jay’s way was lit only by the dull glow of the handful of functioning light bulbs that adorned the ceiling (which was currently the floor), but it wasn’t difficult to know where the creature was, it’s immense bulk casting a huge shadow in the murky depths. Jay swam ahead, and removing the knife from his teeth started to plunge the blade deep into the creatures hide, which only seemed to anger the monster.
It turned to face Jay, swinging it’s tentacle (and Cass) at him. Jay managed to swim to one side, and slashing out with his blade, managed to sever a good portion of it’s tentacle, which floated away from the beast, unravelling as it did so and releasing Cass, who swam straight up to the surface, before the stump that remained regenerated itself, growing into another, fully formed tentacle within a matter of seconds.
The creature was know staring Jay right in the eye, Jay swam closer, and plunged his knife right into it’s giant eye, making it retract away, still swinging Davie, Gomez, White Wolf and Solvay around and squirting a thick black ink that filled the already dark view.
Jay had no choice but to swim upward, to get some air, breaking the surface and taking a large gulp of air.
“they….” He panted “won’t last…much…longer!” he said to Cass.
“Neither will you!” Cass replied “Not it if keeps regenerating like that!”
“Well I…” Jay was about to say, before the creature grabbed him by the legs and pulled him under.
He reached down as he was swung around, and sliced through the tentacle that now held him again, freeing him from the creatures grip and as he spun away, spotted something set into the bulkhead of the engine room.
He swam for it, and grabbed hold, yanking it hard.
It took a few attempts to make it budge, but eventually it came free, the release switch for the emergency vent, designed to clear the room in the event of a harmful leak, be that radiation, plasma, or one of Justin’s more potent farts. The water rapidly started to be drawn into the hatch, pulled in by a vacuum that was contained within a hazardous waste container at the other end of a long tube that would then be ejected safely from the ship. Jay and Cass held on to whatever they could find for dear life as the water surged past, until eventually, the creature was pulled into the hatch, releasing the others as it hit the wall, and then being painfully forced into the hole that was much smaller than it, followed by the last dregs of water before the container indicated it was full and the hatch sealed, followed by the container launching itself into space and away from the ship.
Jay clambered to his feet.
“Piece of cake…” he said calmly, before Seymour finally lost his grip and landed clumsily on the hard metal ceiling of engineering, his metal legs taking most of the shock, making him wobble slightly before falling over.
“So what next?” Jay asked.

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