Seymour's medical shower

"I SAID SHOOT HIM, you ridiculous oaf."
"Oh did you?" Said Beans, softly.
"Oh dear." Gulped Seymour. "I think I've just squid myself..."
<end snip>

As they were so close to the Medibay (or what was left of it after it 'escaped'), Seymour backed away from the Simulant, leaving Alex to determine its fate.
He pushed the doors open into a small clean room with a curtained off area.
“Aha, a shower at last!” He cried with delight, and looked back at the others. “I think I can afford a few minutes to clean myself up.”

He'd been too afraid to shower this morning in the hippy's apartment he'd stayed the night. One look at the shower floor had made him almost barf as he saw the 3 million year old limescale and curly hair fragments around the plug hole. He didn't want to take the chance that it had evolved into a mutant pubis monster.
So he grinned as he approached the medical shower. The nice, clean medical shower.

“Warning, bacteria detected.” Said a computer voice, and a white cylindrical camera in the room pointed at him with a bright light, making him wince.
“Of course, you mean the jacket?” Seymour said, and carefully took off his jacket which was covered in squid excrement. He threw it into a nearby waste bin. It was ruined after all.

So he took a few more steps towards the shower. “Warning, bacteria detected.” Said the computer.

“Alright, fine. You want me to take my shirt off too?” He said, removing the white short stained with brown, and again flung it into the waste bin.
“Warning, bacteria detected.”

“You want my trousers too?!” Seymour said, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his trousers, quickly looking behind him to make sure none of the others had come in yet. He stood there in his Y-fronts, which were also stained with brown.
“This is not a good look for me.” Seymour said out aloud, and hoped the medical computer wasn't taking photos. He took another step towards the shower.
“Warning, bacteria detected.

“Can you at least let me get near the shower before I fully de-clothe myself please?!” He said, pulling down his underpants ready to hop into the shower.
“Warning, mutant lifeform detected.” Said the computer, but Seymour ignored it and turned on the shower. He stood there naked a few moments letting the water run and turn warm. Then he submerged himself under the warm running water. “Ahh, what bliss! I've not had a decent shower for 3 million years!”
Then a thought struck him, and he turned off the water and stuck his head out of the shower curtain.

“What did you mean mutant lifeform detected?” He looked down at his stomach where something was bulging underneath his skin.
“Nooooooo! Not the Hamza squid worm!”

He grabbed a towel and ran out to the others, where he pushed past Phil and Jay, knocking the towel from around his waist, and then grabbing Justin. “Tell me Mister Pancake, this Hamza squid worm thing... how long before it explodes again?”

“Err... 3 hours.”

Seymour quickly turned, now naked to Phi and grabbed her by both shoulders. “Miss Moreau, you have to operate on me, I've got one of those exploding Abu Hamza worms in me!”
“But...” Phi started.

“You're the closest thing we have to a doctor. You have to do it quickly!”

<Tag Ryan/Phi, can you please operate on Seymour? I doubt there's a surgery left, maybe not even a scalpel, how will you do it?>

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