Tough little smegger...

He grabbed a towel and ran out to the others, where he pushed past Phil and Jay, knocking the towel from around his waist, and then grabbing Justin. “Tell me Mister Pancake, this Hamza squid worm thing... how long before it explodes again?”
“Err... 3 hours.”
Seymour quickly turned, now naked to Phi and grabbed her by both shoulders. “Miss Moreau, you have to operate on me, I've got one of those exploding Abu Hamza worms in me!”
“But...” Phi started.
“You're the closest thing we have to a doctor. You have to do it quickly!”
<end snip>

“Can you do it or not?” snapped Jay glancing round the door at the approaching simulant, who was gleefully dragging himself down the corridor.
“But….I have no equipment!” Phi said “And most importantly, no gown, mask or anyway to prevent making a mess!”
“If you don’t operate, do you know what will happen?” Jay asked
Phi shook her head.
“He’ll explode, and when he does, he’ll cover you and everyone else in his own insides, blood, guts, brain, stomach contents…..all of if….you will have parts of Seymour in your hair, under your nails and on your skin…do you understand?”
Phi nodded, she even felt herself throw up in her mouth a little bit.
“but…I don’t have a scalpel…” she said weakly.
Davie casually handed her a combat knife.
“I say!” said Seymour “This isn’t right!”
Jay had clubbed Seymour with the butt of his rifle. “been wanting to do that for ages….That’s your anaestethic…get that worm outta him!”
“Coooeeeee!” yelled the Simulant from the corridor outside “come out to play!”
Davie and Jay exchanged a glance
“We’ll cover you” Davie said
“Pancake” Jay said , “You can’t get hurt, you’re with us…” he tossed a rifle to Justin, who dropped it, setting it off and accidentally shooting Seymour in the hand.
“Whoops.” Said Justin, stooping to pick up the rifle and glancing up to take a quick look at Cass and Phi’s rears.
The three men stepped outside, and for those left in the clean room immediately heard loud shouts and gunfire from outside.
The simulant moved quickly for a creature with only one limb, particularly as that limb was holding a rather large gun.
Jay, Davie and Justin all opened fire, Justin’s shots missing entirely, but Davie and Jays bouncing off the simulants armour.
The simulant smiled widely. “Goody!” he said “Sport!”
He raised his gun and let out a burst of fire, Dave and Jay rolled to opposite sides of the corridor, narrowly missing a spray of gunfire, while Justin soaked up most of the bullet spray, the bullets bounding off his hard-light form harmlessly, he still felt the pain though, and was getting quite excited about it, dropping his gun and spreading his arms wide, soaking in the sensations.
“Pancake, what the hell?” Jay said angrily.
Pancake didn’t react, and just stood there.
The simulant frustrated turned his attention to Davie and Jay and aimed his weapon Jay’s direction.
Davie was quick to react, and before the simulant could get a shot off he fired his paper-clip gun loaded with a handful of coins, and managed to hit the droids weapon, slicing into it’s firing mechanism and rendering it useless.
The simulant was unfazed however, and simply smiled more and began crawling faster toward the trio, while their ammunition bounced uselessly off his body

The next thing anyone knew, Jay, came bursting through the glass door of the room, where Phi was about to perform surgery, sending shards of broken glass across the room before hitting the floor, landing next to Cass’s feet he twitched slightly, but was out cold.
Davie followed, and moments later, Justin’s light bee bounced off his forehead.
“Well well..” said the simulant, looking into the room. “More playmates….”

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