The Pain Mesh

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Alex was secretly glad when the others leapt into the scuffle, he didn't like simulants but he also didn't like killing. Not any more.
As the grotesque one-armed bastard was busy terrorising the others, throwing them about and chomping at them, Solvay stood at the side and thought. He eyed a bazookoid, dropped by one of the human/oid cabres. His skin prickled. No.
Then he remembered one of the items he'd found in his locker. He grimaced - it wasn't nice.

<snip>The next thing anyone knew, Jay, came bursting through the glass door of the room, where Phi was about to perform surgery, sending shards of broken glass across the room before hitting the floor, landing next to Cass’s feet he twitched slightly, but was out cold.
Davie followed, and moments later, Justin’s light bee bounced off his forehead.
“Well well..” said the simulant, looking into the room. “More playmates….”</snip>

He watched as the monolimb thrust Jay and the others, one by one through the glass door with ease, before dragging itself inhumanly, sickeningly, towards the temporary operating room. White Wolf had put up a good struggle, attempting several times to get Beans in his pouch, but even he eventually succumbed. Enough was enough, Seymour was a goit but - in his current vulnerable state especially - he didn't deserve death by... however this creature planned on killing him. Alex shuddered at the graphic, limb-oriented, image which sprung to mind.

Alex dropped his cig and crunched over the broken glass beside the sim. Seymour lay bruised and unconscious on the table, Phi looked bewildered, Cass looked peeved.
The sim grabbed Alex's leg. "Crap. Here we go. Use this!" He threw a square parcel at Phi and wrestled with the hideous sim. Like the others, he couldn't believe how powerful and fast it was, particularly in its injured state. It was like UberSim. In other circumstances he'd have loved a poke around its circuitry. "Jee-zus..." He growled at Beans as they grappled "... ever heard of Listerine?" He clung on tightly, aware that he was likely to be tossed across the room at any moment.

Phi fiddled with the strange bundle Solvay had thrown at her until it sprung open, ready. She squinted, trying to work out what it was, until she saw the text on the handle."Oh God, I couldn't!" She said and dropped it onto Seymour's stomach.
Cass peered over her shoulder. "Don't worry, I haven't got a problem with it."
She grabbed it, held the square to her shoulder and pressed the first button on the handle. A net immediately shot out and engulfed the Sim. Alex tried to scramble away but the simulant grabbed him.

"A net!?" Beans creaked. "Poor fools, thinking a net could poss-"
"Bigger fool you." Said Cass, and pressed the other button.

"AAAAUUGRRHGHGH!" Went the sim.
"AAuuuAARGHH!" Went Alex, who's leg was still in the simulant's wife-in-labour strength grip.

"S-S-... Pl-...S" The sim couldn't speak. Alex's other leg jerked involuntarily and kicked Beans in the face. His grip on the leg loosened and Alex pulled himself over to the side of the room, leg smoking. The net wrapped itself fully around the twitching sim who chuddered and sparked, no longer a threat for as long as he was wrapped in the horrible weapon.

Cass turned and grinned at Phi. "Pain Mesh. Cool."
Phi blinked.
"Anyway, I'd better sort these idiots out. Men are so useless sometimes." Cass rolled her eyes, blustering, not planning on admitting the pang of concern she'd felt at the cracking sound she'd heard when Jay hit the floor.
"There's something weird about that sim, though. They're bad ass mothersmeggers but I've never seen one so strong."
She grabbed a rag and some medicinal alcohol before hurrying over to her fallen, well, thrown, comrades. They didn't look too bad, considering...

Phi glanced at Alex "Are you-" she started but he pointed.
"What?" She looked.
He winced and pointed again, too frazzled to speak.
"Wha- Oh dear Lords."
Her urgent tone attracted Cass's attention again. "What is it?"
Now it was Phi's turn to point. Her jaw opened and closed, wordlessly.
Cass turned her head slowly till her eyes found the right spot.

The three conscious Dwarfers watched in horror, as Seymour's stomach twitched and bulged.

Cass dropped the rag she was holding. "You need to operate NOW!"

<I bet Justin would like the Pain Mesh.
Beanz meanz..?>

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