Fancy making it permanent?

Where: Legions institute
When: The morning after the banquet

Seymour was early into the dining room, and was busy enjoying his hearty bowl of corn flakes and early morning tea when he watched the others arrive.
“Gentlemen and ladies, good morning to you.” He greeted everyone. “I say, this is a splendid place isn't it?” He looked at Cass and Jay who each had a big grin on their faces. “Ahh, you two especially seem to be enjoying it here!”

Legion walked in and served some telekinetic orange juice.
“I want to make an announcement please.” Seymour said. “I know that it's not official yet that I'm your Captain, but we all know which way the votes will fall.” He pointed to himself with a big smile.
“Ey?” Jay argued, but Seymour ignored him.
“So I believe that I speak for us all when I say that I'm very happy to stay here for a while longer. Is that okay with you Mr Legion?”
Legion nodded. “Yes. In fact I want you to all stay until you die.” He said in an ominous way that Seymour didn't catch, instead he chuckled. “Splendid, splendid! Why should we go back to the Blue Dwarf when everything is so wonderful here? We've got everything we ever want!”

<Tag - Does someone want to butt in and disagree with him? Plus what are these "administrative processes" Legion mentioned?>

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