Insulting the gods

“Erm, I say... mysterious voice... Did you say disciples?”
<end snip>

The central chamber was almost impossibly tall. Towering sculptures of Jay, Phil and Cass stood tall, and one of Justin cowering next to them just about to get a slap from Cass.
“They've captured my likeness!” Justin said, pleased.
“And where am I? Why am I not honoured with greatness?” Seymour said, wheeling himself right up to the Chrysler statue's feet. “These people are clearly idiots, they do not recognise greatness when it wheels itself under their noses.”

“Welcome!” Said some sort of cleric wearing a cloak. He walked over and placed a golden crown on the heads of the 'Return-ed', and Seymour tugged at his cloak.
“Where is mine?”
“And you are?”
Seymour spun his wheelchair so that he turned his back on the man in disgust. The cleric gasped. “To turn your back on the great ones is a huge sign of disrespect!”
“Great ones? These people aren't great, or special, especially that one... unless you mean special needs.” He pointed to Justin who was taking a photo of himself doing a thumbs up with his statue in the background and pointing to its stone carved bulging groin area.

“This is an outrage!” Said the cleric. “To insult the holy prophets in their own holy Cathedral is a crime greater than any other.”
“It's not a Cathedral, this is a spaceship.” Seymour said. “I can see space whizzing past behind that stained glass window.”
“We are taking you to your holy vessel.” Said the Cleric.
“Holy's right.” Said Seymour. “We leaked out all the water supply last week.”
“You insult the gods AND their holy chariot?” The cleric's voice grew louder, then he turned to Phil. “Your holyness, I will dispose of this heathen immediately. How would you like him to be punished?”

Seymour felt some sort of energy beam lift his wheelchair off the ground, whilst at the same time forcing him down into his seat. He floated in the air, paralysed.

<Tag Phil, how should Seymour be punished? Oh and I explained that we're being brought back to the Blue Dwarf, maybe we can go onboard and show the Archivers around? Maybe they can give us the supplies we need? Maybe they have some technology that we need?>

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