Divine Judgement

Seymour felt some sort of energy beam lift his wheelchair off the ground, whilst at the same time forcing him down into his seat. He floated in the air, paralysed.
<end snip>

The temptation to have Seymour flung around like a rag doll was very strong, but then an idea struck him.

He whispered in the clerics ear for a minute or so, who then smiled. The energy beam gently placed Seymour back into his chair.

"Entil'Zar He-who walks no-more.. Your fate has been decided. In his divine grace you have been given a choice .. You must either kiss the unholy one you call Justin on the bottom or..."

"Or...?" said Seymour, not liking this option.

Phil nodded to the cleric and gave him the thumbs up sign.

"Or you must serve as the great ones, all of them including he-who-touches-himself-even-now, servant while you are here.We can see that your legs are not working, so a form of walking aid will be in order. But be warned..if any of them are displaesed you shall be forced fed rancid kebabs..with no chilli sauce!"

"We thank you for the divine judgement you have shown and await the choice from he-who-talks-like-a-pompus-gimp"

"Thank you..What is your name by the way?"

"My ..name..?" The cleric stopped, the sudden attention

"Yes, your name. You know..what do we call you" Asked Alex

"Ermm..oh my...er.don't have ...oh dear." The cleric was starting to panic. This much attention from the divine ones was starting to make his undergarment a tad worried.

"Ok, why don't we call you..Bill for now at least.." suggest Cass

The cleric, now called Bill, beamed with delight and started bowing before Cass

"oh thank you..thank you...the prophecies come true again. I have been blessed with a name"

Another cleric seemed to appear from no-where. He was grinning as well. He looked at Bill with "You have a name! Marvelous! Now we must present you with some gifts before we arrive at the Holy Chariot..and we are still waiting on your decision Nipples!"

"Gifts?" Justin perked up at this. "What kind of gifts?Could you for example..ermm"

"Yes he-cant-stop-fiddling-with-his-balls..we could fix your holo systems in the way you desire."

<<tag people ok, what gifts do you want from the Archivers, they have great technology, but the tech is unreliable >>

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