And Just Like The Guy Whose Feet Are Too Big For His BED...

<snip>“Mr Solvay, don't give up now!” Seymour said.</snip>

"Nnnggh!" Alex tried desperately to keep his balance. Sweat beaded his brow and his arms shook with the effort of forcing himself to bear the brunt of FeBuggure's nuclear blast.
"Sorry!" Called Phil, smirk in his voice. "Found a packet of dry roasted in my locker earlier..."
Jay squawked as the Doombringer's testicles thwapped onto his head.
"Don't stop! You're doing most excellently!" Called Niples, secretly smug that his lack of lower limbs excused him from the ugly tangle.

A deep groan rumbled through the desert and the Doombringer slid to the floor - Phil's Parp of Power had felled the beast. It disappeared with a wet "phlwlop!"

The Dwarfers and co pulled themselves up and cheered, expecting to be transported back to the Dwarf after their victory.
After a while of nothing happening, the cheers fizzled out and were replaced with various grumbles.

"Bugger." Said Phil.
Seymour sighed. "Yes, I thought perhaps it was too easy."
"Easy!?" Alex's eyebrows shot up.
"Hmph. Next time, you can wear the scrotal headgear." Jay rubbed his hair as if it might erase the horrible memory.

A revolting, phlegm filled laugh bounced around the dunes.
"Oh ho ho, foolish humans..." - at this, Bedge quirked a brow - "... you thought you'd done so well. But that was merely Phase 1 - I wanted to test your strengths, thank you for filling me in so nicely."
Jay retched a little.

Jelena scowled skywards "But what can w-"
There was a bowel worrying crash of thunder and the sky filled with lightning.
"Bit of a cliche, isn't it?" Spat Cass.
"Yeah, a little lightning's not gonna scare us." Katrina joined in, (to Cass's slight annoyance).

They were answered by a mocking laugh. "I'm glad you think so. Now, LET PHASE 2 BEGIN!"

The heavens opened.

As a virtual waterfall plastered his hair to his face, Alex decided there were probably better ways to spend an evening.


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