Phase 2 - Up excrement creek with no propulsion device

The heavens opened.

As a virtual waterfall plastered his hair to his face, Alex decided there were probably better ways to spend an evening.

<end snip>

As Phil was once again regretting having the three-cheese burrito special for breakfast, Seymour was moaning...again.

"Why is it raining in the desert..? And what are those lumps in the sand..well..swamp..moving towards us?"

Everyone turned and looked.

This was huge. There was something long..and worm like.The temptation to make a comment about it being the same size as his schlong was stopped by a glare from Jay who knew Phil's mind too well.

"It appears...i can do this with no smut....It appears to be a i cant do it..." Phil smirked

"It appears to be a large worm like creature heading this way is what you was trying to say Phil?." This was Cass who said this.

"Yes..yes i am...We've got no shelter and the water is rising rapidly..pretty soon.."

There was what can best be described as an electric shock sound and Seymour was face first in the swamp/desert.

"The electrics on my chair shorted out..damm them!"

"Wait... your chair chair had electronics this whole time??? WHY THE FLYING SMEGG I HAVE BEEN PUSHING YOU??????" screamed Phil as the worm like beast was getting closer.

"We need to find somewhere fast..." Cried Alex over the thunderous sound getting closer.

"There is nowhere.. we got several choices 1-Drown, 2 -get eaten by the sand-worm coming at us... or..."

Phil looked at the sparking remains of Seymours chair..

Snapping a spoke off he bent quickly into a hook like object.

"Anyone here seen the film Dune? Time to ride the worm!"

"You..are.. a... nutter...I like it!"


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