The game of choice

Where: Doombringer's desert planet

You must agree to take part in a series of challenges. If any of you decline, then you will all be tied to posts and left to die of thirst."
What is your choice?"
<end snip>

Seymour pushed his wheelchair into the group and they huddled together. “We have a jolly good advantage here if we can choose a game we're better at than him. But what matters most of all is that we win fairly, and with dignity-”

“Like Twister?” Alex suggested.

“TWISTER IT IS!” The Doombringer's voice boomed over the desert.
Everyone glared at Alex. “It was only a suggestion. He doesn't look as... supple as us”
Seymour felt a bit sick even associating the word 'supple' with the monsterous creature, who had now materialised close to them with a Twister mat and spin board in his hands.

30 minutes later and the board had been spread out on the desert floor, Phil and Alex were sprawled out on all fours with hands on green, one foot on yellow and one on blue. Alex was contorted around the hideous Doombringer creature, with his face pressed against the creature's pulsating green body.

“Left hand blue!” Seymour called, after spinning the board which was on his lap. There was a groan and everyone moved slowly into place, Jay sliding his body between the Doombringer's hooves to get his hand in place.
“Don't look up!” Phil whispered.
“What do you mea- oh.” Jay said as he realised the Doombringer's two warty bollocks were dangling mere millimetres above his head, sweat beading on them in the hot desert air.
Alex moved his hand into place, resting his head up alongside Phil's bottom.

“You're doing well chaps, keep it up!” Seymour said as encouragement.

Phil's face looked pained.
“Mr Febuggure, I told you to practise stretching before we started.”
“No it's not that....” He said, face going red and he bit his lip.
“No.” Said Alex, whose voice was muffled a bit by Phil's butcheeks. “Noooo!”

Phil trumped and Alex took the full brunt in the face. As he felt his face starting to melt, his arms wavered and he started to lose balance.

“Mr Solvay, don't give up now!” Seymour said.

<OOC - So, do we win the Twister??>

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