Just deserts

Jelena's coveralls became rapidly soaked with sweat. She considered removing them, but that would just increase their risk of sunstroke.

"OK", she said, "This is either some mass hallucination or we're stuck on a desert world with no way of getting off. If it's the latter, then we're deader than CDs".

Garr grunted.

"Yep. Dead", he said.

Jay began

"“Y’know, this reminds me of the time when I got dumped outside Ibiza City on Mimas. Only I actually had water then".

"You're no use here, you know that?" Jelena said, "I say we pick one direction and just walk. We ever reach an oasis or end up corpsy. If we stay here, the latter will happen".

At that point, a loud booming voice filled the air around them. It was like the planet itself was speaking to them.

"I am the Doombringer Deluxe", he said, "Welcome to my world. There is no escape unless I allow it".

There was a comic-book maniacal laugh.

"I will let one of you live, but the rest of you shall perish. You must agree to take part in a series of challenges. If any of you decline, then you will all be tied to posts and left to die of thirst."

What is your choice?"


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