Looks Like I Got Invovled After All

"Where's the Arboretum? And what the hell is a Huzzard?" asked Plisken looking from Jacky to Justin.
"Jacky, where did you find this guy? A Huzzard is a strange lizzard like thing."
Plisken shrugged, after seeing the promande filled with talking hamsters he wasn't really suprised by this.
"So, I take it we are going then?" asked Jacky.
"Well my diary is free and I don't want to walk back into that warzone of a conversation," said Plisken.
Jacky nodded in agreement.
"I'm just going to go back to that shop that got busted up. I think I saw a pack of cigars lying around there." Plisken began to walk back to the shop but stopped and turned around to Justin. Plisken chuckled with amusment and left Jacky and Justin alone.

Plisken saw the pack of disgarded cigars lying on the floor near the smashed shop. He checked to see no one was looking and stooped down to pick them up. The size of the box was about the same as his coat pocket so he slipped them in there. He returned to find Jacky with his hand to Justin's throat.
"Really, I was away for 3 minutes and you are already trying to kill each other."
Suddenly, Justin changed back to soft light and Jacky fell through Justin and hit the floor.
"Can we go now?" asked Plisken, smiling.

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