The Three Smegs.

Jacky suddenly felt his face drain. He'd been acting so immature. No supervision around, and he'd already been more violent in a day than he had been in his life. He'd done it to a hologram, sure, but he saw little difference. Jacky disliked Justin, and now his hand had been around his throat over a little squabble. Jacky shifted himself to a more upright posture and began to calm himself, deciding to act mature.

"We've got some problems, for sure. We were so busy acting like fools at dinner, we hardly participated in what was going on."

Plisken and Justin both were confused-- they didn't pay attention to what was going on.

"I don't know what's going on with the others, but I know that Cass hasn't been put into favorable light. I think the Huzzards can wait a bit, can't they? Someone needs to get involved. The others could be up to something very important, and we ought to be in the know of it." commented Jacky.

"The Huzzards have got to be up to something. If the others won't deal with it, we have to." said Justin.

"The Huzzards will be just fine, I'm sure. Whatever's going on now is far more important." replied Jacky.

"The others have been here a lot longer than most of us. They can handle it while we figure things out." said Plisken.

Jacky had a slight scowl, since he was a bit stubborn, and Plisken was making sense. Jacky turned to a nearby monitor.

"Holly. Can you patch a feed of what the others are doing right now?" Jacky asked.

"I'll see what I can do." said Holly.

Immediately, the video screen showed the others via security cam, and saw them voting on the Cass situation. Voting, as it seemed, had come to a conclusion.

"Smeg." scoffed Jacky.

"You can involve yourself any way you like in the morning. For now, we need to get after those Huzzards." said Justin, almost excited.

Jacky sighed.

"Holly, where's the quickest way to them?" he asked.

"Just down that hallway." Holly chirped, and then he left.

So the three began walking. Plisken was excited to be going somewhere adventurous, while Justin fantasized about the prospect of the Huzzards eating Jacky. Jacky simply huffed and felt guilty for not being involved, despite the logical fact that he couldn't have made too much of a difference.

Eventually the trio found themselves at the doorway entrance, the same that Jacky had found very shortly after arriving on board.

"I christen our partnership 'The Three Smeg-heads.'" Jacky said in cynical tone.

Plisken jumped ahead with delight and opened the door. They took a step in, allowing their eyes to adjust to the light, when both Plisken and Jacky were sucked into a trap, sucking them into hanging nets above the ground. The third trap did not react with Justin's new soft light form.

"Heh heh!" Justin squeaked.

Jacky scowled and noticed the still open door with a monitor just by it in the hallway.


"No problem, dude." Holly responded. Justin groaned.

The Three Smeg-heads spent the night here, unaware of the following morning's cat doodling fun.

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