Maybe This Was A Bad Idea

Plisken woke the next morning, still hanging upside down, next to Jacky and Justin.
"Well," said Plisken, "this is one pile of smeg we got ourselves into."
The other 2 men just turned and glowered at Plisken for stating the obvious.
"Holly," began Jack, "could turn Justin back into soft-light again?"
"No problem dude," said Holly and Justin fell through the rope. But as Justin was in mid-air Jacky asked Holly to turn Justin back into hard-light.
Plisken chuckled as Justin slamed, face first, into the metal floor.
"You are a really smeg-head, you know that?!" shouted Justin.
"Just get us down from here," said Jacky as a smile broke across his face.
But then the smile dropped from Plisken's face as one flashed across Justin's. Justin picked up a sharp piece of metal and walked over to where the ropes to the traps were secured.
"Don't you even dare," warned Plisken but it was to late. Jacky and Plisken fell through the air each cursing at Justin as they did so. Jacky, luckily, fell onto some vegetation, breaking his fall. Plisken, however, was forced to use his metal arm to break his fall, causing some parts to break. Both men lay on the ground for several moments, recovering from the fall. Jacky was the first to pick himself up, followed shortly by Plisken who flexed his arm to check if everything was still working. Jacky stared at Justin but kept his mind focused on the task at hand.
Plisken broke the silence, "Should we go back to find out about this whole Cass mess?"
"I guess we should," muttered Jacky. Justin shrugged his shoulders.
"Okay then," said Plisken happily- there was still something to do.
The Three Smeg Heads began to walk back through the door and to the drive room, where the guessed everyone would be. But before the left the arboretum, Plisken stopped and turned to both Jacky and Justin, "What's this whole Cass and Chrysler thing about anyway?"

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