Candice Confusion

OOC (Candice): Guys, Mitheral and I both have some very complicated characters. If you would, please hold off trying to run them until you know them a good deal better. The first attempt was pretty far off the mark, so I am doing a full rewrite, picking up where Candice is first encountered.

Now first things first..we need clothes
No we dont
What? What do you mean? asked phil's brain
I can go faster without them this
And promptly run off in a random direction away from Jacky
Any passing telepath would have head in 50 mile high letters coming from
Phil's head
"...smeg...he's gonna get me killed..stupid body..."

Jacky was stepping very slowly and quietly toward the source of the noise, toward the unknown visitor known as Candice. He peered around the corner of a ship, and saw her.

"E...Excuse me?" Jacky said, somewhat fearfully.

She turned and looked at him.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?" Jacky asked. He wasn't quite so trustful of visitors on ship anymore, particularly ones who appeared female.

Candice was dressed exquisitely, prepared as usual for the possibility of encountering someone in need of a companion. Upon arrival aboard the Blue Dwarf she had opted to make a good first impression. Of course, her choices had assumed human occupants. Her last employer had left her VERY wealthy. She could have bought a planet, but his last command had been to ‘expand her horizons, enjoy all that life has to offer My Dear. You are now an Emancipated Being, free to do as she chooses.

She had opted to purchase an intergalactic exploration vessel. It hadn’t proved to be the wisest of choices as finding a crew or even passengers willing to go in the rather lengthy trip to another galaxy. The few takers had had rather large prices on their heads … and that had drawn its own share of trouble.

She hadn’t completely wasted her money. She was ‘never’ going to run out of money – accidental trips to other universes notwithstanding. So she had picked up a few trinkets just for herself. Among those was a very nice collection of dresses. Her choice at the moment appeared to be a sapphire hued evening gown with various highlights that appeared to made of satin at first glance. But the dress had cost her in excess of 50 million CR. The blue was actual sapphires – very small ones drilled by microlaser and strung on a living metal wire coated with bioplastic. The highlights were also various gemstones and metals. Her shoes looked every bit like part of a matching set, mostly a bioplastic form designed to reconfigure for ease of movement. But at the moment she had them in a high heel configuration to show off her legs. She wore a rather sparkly necklace and earring arrangement – of similar design, but with stones far more obvious. And lastly, there was a purse ... and very large pistol strapped to her hip in gunslinger fashion. The pistol was the only thing oddly colored and was of an unknown design. (It is some sort of energy weapon.)

Just because she was supposed to be expanding her horizons didn’t mean she couldn't look good while doing so … and find someone who needed a companion.

So when the young man before her began his ‘interrogation’ her response was already prepared. It was the first logical she had expected upon boarding the vessel in fact. If SHE had been their security personnel that was precisely what she would have asked. And this certainly wasn't the first time she had been asked either.

“Candice Kane. Repairing my vessel and seeking to expand my horizons. Who are you are what are you doing here?” It seemed the logical question to ask. She was a little annoyed herself that his greeting wasn't more cordial and lingering. Perhaps she should have gone with something in green….?

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