Really? I missed everything? Part 2

Plisken walked out of the Arboretum and into the corridor. Not much had changed in five years. He began to walk along, towards were the drive room was. But then Plisken passed a monitor, its black screen seemingly shouting 'Prat!' at him. He stopped walking next to the monitor and turned to face it.
"Holly?" Plisken muttered quietly.
"What's up, dude?" said Holly as his face materialised on the screen. PLisken began to hit his head of the wall shouting things like 'You idiot!' and 'Smeg-for-brains!".
"Oh, right. No need to get tetchy," said Holly, sounding rather hurt.
"No, I wasn't talking to you," said Plisken through gritted teeth, he was still angry with himself. After spending 5 years alone, he had forgotten all about Holly when he reached the gardens.
"Well, then where have you been this past week. You seem to have missed those Triple-Brested Gelfs or whatever they where," said Holly casualy.
"A week? A week! A SMEGGING WEEK? I have been down there, in the depths of the ship for nearly 5 years!" shouted Plisken at the top of his voice.
"Really? Hang on, I'll just check," said Holly and he dissapeared from the screen. He reappeared a moment later, "Nope, definitely a week."
"Then scan me to test my age," said Plisken growing annoyed with the computer.
Below the monitor, a bright blue light erupted from a small bulb and bathed Plisken in its light. After 2 minutes, the light receded back and Plisken was free to move.
"Gorden Bennett, your 37! You've aged five years!"
"So how have I only been gone a week?" asked Plisken angerly.
"It must be Temporal Anomalies, you've been living the post week at a different speed of time. What was a week for us was 5 years for you."
Plisken sighed, "So everyone is only a week older and I am 5 years older?"
"Is there anyway to reverse this aging?" asked Plisken, trying a polite voice.
"You could ask Jacky, he might know. But I suggest you clean yourself up, you're a right state."
And with that, Holly dissapeared. Plisken glanced at himself in the blank monitor. It was tre, he was a state. His unshaven beard streched down past his chest and his hair was long past his shoulders. His metal arm was also brown with rust and other horrible things. So, Plisken truged to his room collapsed on his bed. After several minutes, Plisken got up and walked to the mirror. He took a large pair of scissors- the only kind he could find- and chopped a large portion of his beard off. He kept going until it was back to the length it was ment to be, just past his chin. As he was doing the finishing touches, something caught his eye and Plisken leaned forward towards the reflection. A grey hair! Several grey hairs! His beard was flecked with grey! Plisken punched the mirror with his metal arm, venting all his anger into it. It broke easily and his punch carried on into the wall, splintering under the force. Plisken sighed, something he did far too often, and called Holly again. After a short conversation about Jacky's where-abouts, Plisken hurried out of the room and to Jacky.

And hurry he did but his long hair kept getting in his face. After swearing several times at it, Plisken tied it back with a piece of string that was lying about. He had no idea it if he had done it right or if it looked good but it stayed back until he reached Jacky. He rounded the corner of the corridor and saw Jacky in the distance, but he also saw Phil running naked. It must have beenone heck of a week. But Plisken ignored Phil and concentrated on the matter at hand and tapped Jacky on the shoulder just as he was about to introduce himself to a rather fierce looking lady in a blue dress.

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